Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A whole new world...

Halloween happened...
in my house it happened a week early. You see we dressed up as a couple. I would say Latino couple, but I think we were going for more of the Mexican side of things.

I think we succeeded in our feat.
Is my belly hanging out from the bottom a little? 
Yes yes it is.
And do I have a unibrow?? Yes, yes I do.
Did UP characters win best costume??
Did Jamie play her part perfectly?
Yes. She was casting spells on me all night.

The whole party was a success.
We went up to Zermatt to our friend's parent's timeshare and had a grand ole time.

And as for my new world...
They are doing well. Chelsea borrowed me her attire. I didn't want to dress up all fancy. Then the kids wouldn't take me seriously, they wouldn't listen to me when I yelled. 
JK I don't yell.
I may raise my voice sometimes?? Nah...probably not :)

 They are doing quite well :)

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