Monday, January 16, 2012


I brought the tradition of the real tree. This year we took our decorating seriously. (Notice Brad's increasingly huge and growing biceps and triceps and adorable freckles that I hope every one of my children get a sprinkle of, actually why don't you just make this picture bigger than you can really see his sexiness)
Brad brings real candy canes, and I bring the wood candy canes that my mom gave me right off her tree when I mentioned I liked them, she does that all the time.

"Oh mom I love that serving bowl."
-She dumps out the salad, hands it to you and says, "Its yours."
"Uh, I didn't want it, I just said I liked it."

But I loved the candy cane gift. They are adorable.

Brad and I watched the old man we bought the tree from tie the tree to the back of our car with bunny ears and twine. I thought to myself, "That is going to fall right off."
And it did, driving down the road, we lost our tree, but we got it right back and put it in our back seat with the windows open sportin our flocked tree.

Some day we will have this wonderful living arrangement where we dont have to squeeze the tree between the tv and the table, but for now this will suite us just perfectly.

As long as the lights shine and the tree smells it makes our basement apartment feel a little more like home and Christmas.

Brad and I always say, "It doesn't matter where we are, we are just so glad we can be together, and we don't notice any other misfit things in our lives." Well actually I just say that, and Brad goes along with it. I'm the deep poetic one in our relationship, he is the calm and reasonable one.
I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours, and I hope you are happy with whatever your life brings you, whether you live in a basement apartment, a mansion overlooking the river, or a beach house in San Diego, I hope you are happy with what you have, and realize what you have. Someday when I don't have to work anymore, and my husband does all the providing, I bet I will look back and wish I cherished those days more. My New Year's Resolution is to enjoy the moment more. Sit down and do a puzzle with those five year old's instead of stressing about the next thing. Sit down and forget about the dishes and enjoy the people who unexpectedly came for a visit. Sit down and enjoy my basement apartment, sister living with us, husband going to school and working, enjoy life and don't worry about spending too much money at Costco, or eating that piece of 350 calorie truffle.

Sit down and just enjoy, that's my resolution.
Pretty sure Brad's is to serve more.
I guess that is a good one too.

There is my mom's famous candy canes my mom gave to me.
Brad got a bit carried away with the poses. So I just run with it, and let him do his thing. He loves any type of rapper pose, I think it is his new thing, crouch down, thrust his crotch forward (yikes) and sit and make this hard core face. (Which is not possible with is dorable frecks).
This is similar to some pose I have seen before...what is it???? Gosh what is it?? Oh ya, when I tell him to vacuum.
Then this is when I say, Oh honey I bought a few new things for myself totalling like 200 dollars, thats okay right??
Then he acts like its okay but is really getting ready to deck me, then I can't remember much until the next morning when I am trying to cover up my bruise with make up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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