Friday, January 20, 2012


This is my first post on an iPad. My school is trying them out and man I'm annoyed at how slow I type. I'm sitting in the icu, not myself in here but a family member, not the happiest place, but I am with brad and I love him to death. Some things I have been reminded of this week.
Let's make a little list:
-I married a person that is beyond comprehension selfless.
-I married a calm, collective person.
-I married a freckled, dedicated person. (I know I always include the freckles part)
-I married a level headed person.
-I married a forgiving person.
-I married someone who I came to know this week in a traumatic experience and he was so positive and loving.
-I married someone who doesn't judge.
-I married an angel.

This has taken me 30 min to type, but in the icu that's like 1 sec.
Brad is a good guy. I knew that before but I don't think he has or any husband has received the recognition they deserve.

I love brad that's what this post is about.