Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time flies

My day consists of waking up at seven, going to school at 7:30 teaching from 8:40-11:50, then eating lunch while getting ready for the day, the PM kids come at 12:10. Then I re do what I just did.

Then I stay at the school usually till about 5 getting ready for the next day. Then I may go to the gym, go home and go to the park, or just go home and crash.

Now I only have 9 days left of that. After 160 days of it. I am almost done. And I am tired. So I'm so tired that I applied for a summer teaching job, at a different school, teaching the PRE K that aren't quite where they need to be to start Kindergarten, and teaching the K that aren't quite ready for first grade.
But it doesn't start until July 18th and it goes only until August 11th.

Also Brad and I booked our trip for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.
Bet you can't guess?
Where is it?
All wrong!!
We are going to Vegas again.
Sorry to build up your hope of seeing beautiful and foreign pictures..instead you will be looking at the same boring pictures that we had from Honeymoon, and year one. We just feel its a tradition and we really want to stay in a five star hotel (we stayed in 4 1/2 for our one year) so we Priceline Negotiated, and said we wanted a five star hotel on the strip for 80 bucks a night.

Where did we land?
Click right on that word, and go visit the deluxe room (lowest available room is still a sweet suite) (don't cha love how sweet and suite sound the same but are spelled different and mean different things!)

Last year we tried priceline 100 times and tried five star hotels from 80-120 bucks a night and could never score one!! That room we scored is about 239-199 depending on the night you go of course. So we are going for 4 nights, 80/night!! I would say we are excited.

Vdara is a new hotel and I am excited to leave a google review on that place. (I am excited for other thigns as well)

Also, I guess the main reason I made this post was to catch up but for all of you friends and family who read, and who made it to this part obviously care enough about me to read clear down here. Come on I haven't posted for a month, and you may be bored, but you do care enough to read to this point.

So I am asking you as friends and family, to say a little prayer for Bradley as he takes the MCAT in 6 days. I almost began to cry as I typed that. You see, his score will determine our lives for the next 10 years. I couldn't say that about any of my tests, except probably Marriage Development...Jk. But honestly we are both terrified, and I get butterflies every time I think about it. I have booked that day completely for myself so I have no chance to think about him in that 5 hour test. He has prepared significantly and I know with the prayers and help of friends and family he will do well.

Thank you for reading to the bottom of my heart/post, and I will keep you better posted on my life once five and six year olds don't consume and control it.


Karenin Jaar Robison said...

That is a crazy test.... I will pray for him!! And you!!

Raquel said...

Brad is sooooo smart, he will do great! You both are included in our prayers so your hearts can be calm! Go Bradley, go Bradley... you can do it!!!! a big hug!

Karissa said...

Sounds like a fun anniversary! And good luck to Brad on the MCAT. I'm sure he will do amazing!

Rustin & Brittany said...

Hey Britt. I have been thinking about you I'm glad you posted so I can get a glimpse of what your up to. Great job with the teaching. Do you still like it? and just wondering. You don't get ready in the morning for the morning group? but then you get ready for the second group? Why bother? I would'nt. Your beautiful either way :) It's crazy to think of where life will take you. I know Brad will do well. I'm excited for your anniversary - its so healthy to get away for awhile.