Saturday, June 4, 2011

If anyone

If anyone is planning on applying and going to medical school, let me give you some preparations.
  • Prepare to save thousands of dollars.
    • MCAT 230
    • 2nd APPLICATION FEES (unknown amount, but probably in the hundreds)
    • INTERVIEWING AT ALL THE SCHOOLS (unknown amount but probably in the thousands)
  • Prepare to have high levels of stress
  • Prepare to have high levels of fatigue
  • Prepare to re-write all the application essays (4 times)
  • Prepare to ask several people for letters of recommendation
  • Prepare for those people not to turn them in on time causing more levels of stress
  • Prepare for at least 45 hours filling out applications
  • Prepare for the individual applying to medical school to lose countless hours of sleep due to stress and fatigue
  • Prepare for anxiety
    • MCAT
    • Waiting for scores
    • Waiting for application results
    • Waiting for interviews
  • Prepare for Eating Disorders due to the above
  • Prepare for all sorts of emotions at any time from the spouse or applicant due to the stress and fatigue
  • Prepare for all your prayers to include the following words:
    • MCAT
    • Application
    • Medical school
    • Please get in
    • Please help us
Hopefully if you were considering applying, you have an idea of what you are going to go through.
Now that everything is completed, it just still doesn't feel normal in my household. It feels....musty.
Like I'm not sure what is going to be happening so I want to be happy and I am, but it feels like the happiness has this lurkiness to it. Like it is going to be crushed at any moment. Or, don't be happy you don't know what is about to happen to your life.

Now I have completed teaching school, I have completed my week of classes after the school, and now I am trying to revive the potted plant that a student gave me because I forgot it in my classroom with no windows, light or water for 7 days.

When she gave it to me, it had 7 or 8 snails of all shapes and sizes in it. Quite exciting.
Many of you may know it is Brad's birthday on Sunday.
I tried to have a party for him today, but nobody can come, so its just going to be a bbq with me him and two of our friends. He tried to cancel the party, but I said NO! We are having a party for you!!!!

 Let me give you our past life in a few seconds via pictures and a few words.

Chelsea got married and had an open house before the wedding, here is Brad's brother Mike, wife Janeen, (who just graduated from medical school-both of them!) And me and Brad of course.

 Here is me right after that open house, making Chels' bouquet.

 Here is Chels after being married.
 They are very happy, and now in Africa.
Read all about their African Humanitarian trip and wish she was here with me like I am doing. That made no sense.
Shad graduated from high school!!! We traveled there and back in one night in a rainstorm.

 Here is his graduating class.
 All my siblings made it to the graduation!!!!!
 This is Hannah's fourth baby!! Hazel. Brad and I just need to practice for our family pictures that's all this was!!
 It was this little friend's birthday. She turned one. We had the party in the home ec room right after the graduation.
 She is too cute. I gave her that top when she was born! Crazy!!!! Time flies!

 This is Brad holding Amanda and Tanner's newest (Emmett). He looks like Ian right here.....he is making a 'get me outta here' face.
 Here is my siblings. Except Ethan, he was not coming to the picture for some reason.....
 Now here is all of us, with Ethan, without was a rough night.
 Of course there is always a girls picture...Why I am the shortest I'll never know...I was blessed in other ways I guess.
 I pinched Summer's bum.
 It wasn't even Faith's birthday, and she stole the thunder from Jemma... Such a dilemma.
 Jemma knows how to party.
 Grandma and Grampy made an appearance, Daven is a cousin in the background :)
 Amanda said this was there first family picture! I feel honored. They are so cute.

 We know how to party!!

Oh and my Kindergarten friends graduated from K, so I made them all a very simple scrapbook page with two sides.
 I may miss these little friends!
 Last day of school was hardest ever!

That's a wrap!
Stay tuned for exciting Summer adventures ;)


    Steve Brown said...

    Prepare for it to never get any better and possibly worse once you get it... :)

    Steve Brown said...

    that was me crystal :)