Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Brad's surprised face at seeing everyone, rarely can I surprise him. He knew his and my family could come, but all his friends and most of my family was a huge shocker. The whole way there he was like, I'm glad nobody can come, I don't like all the attention on me. Such a surprise that everyone could come!!!

I threw Brad an awesome party at the chocolate for his well done work. He was very surprised, and also surprised at my lying skills. I was planning this party in my mind for awhile now. I called The Chocolate in Orem right away and tried to reserve the room. They of course said you couldn't rent it on weekends!! DANG IT!!! I offered to pay them triple per hour...nope.
Personally. It was a stupid move on their part as far as finances go, I had my family go early and order all the food, then go sit in this room, as more and more people showed up, we had the room for an hour plus. So it worked out, and I saved some bucks by not renting it at all.

Now that Brad has been accepted to medical school I thought my life would all pan out. I would know exactly what my next step would be.

But it hasn't. Not at all. Of course the relief exists of, wow we won't be here next year. Brad will be year one in medical school. But I just thought I would know what I would be doing. Everyone asks me what I am going to do, and I have no answer so I just say, "Well ya know that is the million dollar question, if you know, tell me please!!!!"

I could...
create my own preschool in my home
attend graduate school Masters in Human Development
have a cute little baby
substitute teach and have a preschool
preschool and grad school
baby and grad school
teach and baby

The combos are limitless.
I have always known this was coming, and I was excited for it, but to leave Westridge, and my job and career has become more real, I'm starting to savor it more, laugh with my students a little bit more, not care if they are in their seats and no talking like little robots more...I'm relaxed.

Because I'm savoring.

But we are going to medical school next year, and although deep down I knew he would get accepted, I just wasn't sure for sure, now that I know, what do I do?

I told some family members I was thinking about graduate school.
They said, "What about a family?"
I said, "It's only 2 years, and what about getting as much education as I can?"
They said, "Its your duty to have a family, most important duty."
I said, "Its my duty to excel and be fulfilled as an individual as well."

They stopped talking to me.
What do I do? Its only November, and I'm starting to fill out the graduate applications, but its like I want Brad to tell me what he wants me to do, but of course he just wants me to do what I want to do.
So typical Brad.
My parents give me no pressure either way, especially now since my mom begged for me to have a baby before we left, now that she sees even if I get pregnant now, that's not going to be a possibility seeing how we will leave in July.
Am I capable of going to graduate school?
Am I really supposed to do this?
My answer is unclear. Is the boss just letting me decide? (God)
If so, he needs to change his mind and help me decide.
Or somebody needs to give me a really big sign.
I saw a baby last night at a reception, held her, I decided that's what I wanted, then Brad said, "Are you sure, that's a lot of work. Remember your goldfish? It's not like you can forget to feed it and leave it for Christmas break and its still alive.
Goldfish: Baby
Yep those are the same, good analogy Brad.
Typical Brad.
Well I guess I mostly am relieved and happy Brad was accepted to medical school, we aren't sure we will go there, because he absolutely loved Ohio State, but we do know that we are going, and Texas Tech was a very top choice of his.
I am so proud of him. So proud. He took a test not caring and got a 75 the day he found out he was accepted. 75!!! That was what I got when I did care and studied and studied.
Well that's a typical Brad.
My mom always says, "Brittany things always work out for you."
I am praying and praying that this will be the case when it comes to my life after Provo.


Natalie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Whatever you choose to do next, Brittany, will be an awesome adventure. Baby or preschool or teaching or grad school: all great options. So much fun!!

P.s. hilarious that Brad compared a baby to a goldfish. haha

Miss you. and CONGRATS AGAIN!!

Robnz Fam said...

That is a hard decision! If your answer is to have a baby, I promise it's not as hard as people say! It's very do-able, and you'd be surprised at how well baby will adjust to your needs/demands/schedule/etc. If your answer is not to have a baby, then there is a reason! Good luck, thanks for letting us read about all your fun adventures! I'm way excited for this next step in your lives.