Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Such A Happy Time

Some days I think..."Hey maybe I'll write on my blog." Then I become completely immersed in curling up on my couch in my jammies, and bask in the silence and serenity of my quiet home. I sip on my cold water from a cup, and read my book (The Inheritance) and maybe go to the gym or maybe this is after I get home from the gym. My brain starts to turn back on around 10 pm, right when I need to go to bed.

I'm in chaos all day. I don't think the average person understands the chaos of kindergarten. Today I was pulled from every direction. My afternoon class is just lagging behind in writing skills, there is just 10 of them who aren't confident enough to write words on their own. They can do it, they just need me there. I don't remember it being this painful. I don't remember writing 4 words taking one hour for half my class. Mrs. Clark, I need my shoe tied, Mrs. Clark I lost my crayon, Mrs. Clark I don't know how to spell cookie dough. Mrs. Clark Mrs. Clark Mrs. Clark Mrs. Clark!!! AHHHH just stop all of you stop.

I hear their little voices in my head. Its a typical horror movie.
But I love them. I need them, and after a long break I am ready to get back to them.

Except it was hard to go back after Thanksgiving, since we spent 40 hours in the car total. It was crazy and I felt like it wasn't a relaxing break. It was way fun regardless.
Our mini-van was sweet. Tvs, XM Radio (is that what it is called?? I don't know my brain has really become a jelly bowl lately). Brad drove way too much. I slept better when Brad wasn't driving and he was next to me. I woke up at one point and there were probably 20 or 30 elk in the middle of the road. Also, during that time Brad and Alex were drinking their 2nd energy drink and they drove for 15 hours straight. How is that healthy? They were cheersing their energy drink after I was SO mad at Brad for drinking another one. Brad is still having back pain from this drive. It was brave of him. And very kind to drive the entire time.
Brad yelled, "Im in my garments Brit!" Right when I took this...I didn't care. He wouldn't wake up. This was my threat.
We stayed with a good friend of Brad's when he was growing up in Dallas, they were in PCity for Tday so we just traded! Chels, Linds and I made Thanksgiving dinner. It was quite an experience, I kept saying, "My mom will be proud." Then when I messed up, "What would my Grandma think of me right now?"

Linds invited some friends of hers from Southwestern. They were friendly and afterwards we found out that one had never been to a Thanksgiving dinner before, due to being from NZealand. We kept apologizing that it was a pretty bad excuse of a Tday. He seemed very happy and impressed regardless that our turkey was the size of a small foam football. Kinda looked like foam too. 
After dinner we went to the Cowboys game. Brad insisted upon wearing sweats. It was quite wierd. He said, "I can wear these when its cold and when it gets hot all of you will be like, oh its so hot (then he pulled up his sweat pant legs) and I will pull these up and be cooled down."

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his brain. Sometimes he is so smart and witty. And other times he is.....like a five year old. Its a strange and lovable quality he has.
Oh whats that in the distance??? A space ship.
No, the Cowboys stadium.

Brad bought a Cowboys shirt for the occasion. He owns a Cowboys snuggie, but we forgot it!
I forgot to tell you I dyed my hair. Well now you know.

We saw A LOT of drunk people. I didn't know there could be so many drunk people in one place. It has to be against the law or something. I understand one or two drinks, but how can you trust yourself when you get COMPLETELY drunk in a public place with so many other drunk people. Its just a phenomenon. 

We were in the nose bleeds. We saw one guy punch another guy a few times in the face. Believe it or not they were DRUNK.

Nothing against drunk people. Just didn't know it was so COOL to be drunk at a football game. 
First NFL game. I will be more prepared next time.

They passed out free signs. Chelsea fell for it.

The stadium was unreal, and quite suspicious. 

This is Brad's mom and her new husband Gordan.

This is Chelsea (Brad's baby sister) and her husband Alex. Alex goes to BYU and is super smart with computers, studies computer stuff. Chelsea is a nurse and works a lot.

This is Linds, she now lives in Dallas, moved from Boston, and is getting her PHD in Molecular Bio-Physics. I don't know if there is a hyphen there, but oh well. Half the time I can barely get it all out. Its for smart smart people. If you can get it all out, you are in. I am not in.
Brad, obviously is my husband, you know him. Mike is the only one missing here in this sibling picture. Mike is in his residency in Georgia with is wife Janeen. They were greatly missed on this trip.
I guess they are busy or something ;)
We had some real problems finding this place. We drove all over looking for it. Rachelle INSISTED she knew where it was. It wasn't there. We found it somewhere else. Cici's is a pizza buffet all you can eat 5 bucks. Brad and Chels grew up eating here, as well as Dairy Queen. (inside joke)

They were OVERJOYED to be back after so MANY years.

I felt no connection to cicis, but I was glad to be eating some food.

Chels looks like the zombie on I am Legend when he loses his partner. No offense Chels. 
Brad ordered an entire pizza specific to what he wanted. 
I am glad we do not have one of these in Provo. 

This is the "OH my, I'm going to eat more pizza than my body weight." Face.

True loves of Brad
Electric Guitar
All you can eat buffets
Guitar Center

That sums up our trip. I'm going to go back to my couch curling up reading my book with cold water in a cup. Maybe you will hear from me another day soon. But if you don't, you know what I am doing.
PS we set up our tree, and it is so beautiful.

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