Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sally's Wedding June 1, 2013

Is Sally really married? It doesn't feel real. Just because she is younger than me. And I feel like I'm still young, and I just got married...didn't I? Nope, my 4 year anniversary is tomorrow. Can you believe that? So much time has passed. Without us even realizing it.
The little girls were adorable. Look at their hair, too cute.

These two dated for so long. They met in Chemistry class.
Back in 2010. I told Sally she would marry him.
It just took awhile.

But I'm so glad they got married.
And a big thanks to our friends for watching our babies. Namely miss Gately.

Here is my family.

Here are the lovely siblings.



Sisters and Sisters in Law.

These two are baby lovers. This is my cousin Shay, she loved little Miles.

The boy cousins all together. Miles was so confused at why everyone was crying. He tried to console Parker by putting his hand on his leg.

What the devil is this kid screaming for?

The groom and Miles.

That's one of my favorite things about Greg. He loves kids, and puts in so much time with all the kids. Miles was kept happy with my necklace.

He is actually screaming here because I took the necklace away.

Tiera and Landon just had their first baby, Finn, and he was just a few days old at the wedding.

Me and Sally, Sally is right under me in siblings, so we are close. And she lived with Brad and I for 2 years in Provo.

Sally was the first one (besides Brad) to know I was pregnant, at just 5 little weeks. She also was a witness (with Brad) of all the pregnancy woes. (puking my little heart out)

Cake exchange.

Hal Pal.

Little girls and Sally at the luncheon. Jemma and Halle. Such sweeties. 

The wedding group in front of the Draper Temple.

It was such a beautiful day, and it made me cry watching Sally get married. My little sister. I love her to the moon. She was married on June 1st, 2013. 

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