Monday, August 26, 2013 crisis

So I turned 25 on the 3rd of August. I thought I would be sad about being so old. I still feel 20, then I look at my wedding pictures. When I was 20. I look young, beautiful and naive. Now I worry too much. Not to mention...skinny and tan. And my hair hadn't all fallen out.
Oh the woes. But you know what, I am happier now. I love my husband more. And I love my baby.
Who by the way, is growing up.
My birthday started off right with the SHARE FAIR. Its an annual thing we do here in our Stake in Lubbock, where everybody donates for 3 days, brings their junk to the church, and then we all go on one day and take that junk that we think is treasure. Like a yard sale. A free yard sale.
Last year I came home with a breast pump, bumbo, bread maker, drill for Brad. A load of diapers, Miles' Gap blessing outfit, and lots more odds and ends.
This year I came home with like 50 pieces of felt, gesso (art supply), 4 Melissa and Doug puzzles-like new, about 20 records-a lot of Elvis, and other classics. 10 or so board books for Miles, some nice plates, swimming suit for Miles next summer, a bike helmet for kids that come over and ride our little trikes when we go on walks, and lots of other odds and ends.  So that was a birthday starting off right!

Here Miles is waiting for the fun to begin!

We went to a little diner called The Egg and I, here in Lubbock after the share fair for Breakfast-Brad planned out my entire was a busy one! I think its good...but I have one problem with it..they use fake butter in the eggs, and I can taste it...its like a butter spray or something..and it tastes horrible, and I asked them to put NONE of it on my food, and they still did, and they gave me bacon instead of sausage, and they gave Brad completely the wrong meal, and didn't really apologize for it. So....the food is good, but honestly.....I can make it better at home, we just go there, so we DONT have to make it at home. And I'm not sure why I just reviewed that restaurant when I was talking about my birthday.
Then we came home and....
Brad gave me my present.
He made it sound like this entire time my present was going to be the worst ever. I was expecting like a weight loss DVD by the way he described how mad I was going to be.
But instead it was probably the best and most thoughtful present I have ever gotten.

It says, Today we are going to Drop it like its HOT and go on a shopping SPREE, and spend $ 100 (I wish Grand). This has been a tough PATCH in our lives so I hope this gives you a riesen to not skittdaddle. 
By rough patch he means (poor/broke/zero money/zilch).

Then he had a card that had a lovely note in it that made me tear up, and it had a 100 dollar bill in it. He said I could buy nothing on sale and nothing for Miles.
Then we all took a 3 hour nap. Best present ever.
Then we dropped Miles off at the babysitter, and ventured to the mall, where I spend all and OVER my 100$ budget. I got 2 shirts, and 2 tank tops. So you know how much they cost. Yikes, but I wanted something I loved, and I wanted something that was flattering, and I wanted something that I could never buy on a normal day. But right when we walked into the mall I thought, man, Miles really needs shoes. But...then Brad said, "Brit! No!"
I spend all my extra money on him....and I like it that way.
Brad was so cute, he shopped with me, which he normally hates, he found shirts and pants for me, and held them up and said, "Babe this would look cute."
He NEVER does this sort of thing. NEVER EVER EVER. 
He always stresses me out when we go shopping, because he follows me around and makes me hurry.
He did not do this, but at first I felt the stress and then I got used to having a real shopping buddy.
And it felt really nice to just buy what I wanted, and not look or worry about the price tag.
Sometimes I think, crap...I should have used that money for something I really needed, but then I am reminded that it is okay to have nice things once in awhile and that was my present. Thats just the frugality coming out in me.
After our shopping spree we ate my favorite food, and I realize the light makes my nose look ginormica in this picture, but as usual the waiter put this in front of Brad first, thinking it was his. Always makes us chuckle.

Of course I ate that entire thing, with no problem. I can eat meat like its nobodies business, and for some reason....I never get sick of it. (Says the obese overweight eating too much lady)
Afterwards we went to our friends (the Anderson's house and had a little party). 
Where we got a Sams cake and it was disgusting. Never do that. There is a reason they are only $12.

So do I feel sad that I am 25, no...but maybe when 30 comes along I will feel something. I feel so blessed to be married to such a thoughtful husband, and we are so grateful that this new year has brought us our sweet Miles. Bring on 26. Not really though.
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Matson said...

Happy belated birthday! I wish I had a SHARE FAIR~~!!!!!!! It is YELLING my name. I also want to go to Last Chance with you....just some future things for us to do. I can't believe that everyone just goes there to get free things? It is FREE!? - PS. This is Erica not Matson