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Citrus Lane Subscription May Box Review

Since several of my friends and family have asked me about Citrus Lane/I tell them about it-I decided to review Miles' monthly box. A perfect month to review because it has been one of my favorites so far. 
So just a little price info on the subscription box: 
1 Month: $29/month Free shipping, 
3 Months: $24/month Free shipping, 
6 Months: $21/month Free shipping,
12 Months: $19/month Free shipping.

Using this link you can get a one time box for $14.50! That is robbery! You can try it for literally no risk.
You can try it out for a month-no subscription-no commitment, and cancel if its not to your liking. I tried it out from a friend's link, and here I am, in love.

So, that being said they are affordable even for the med student's wifey like me. And...if you don't believe me, wait and see as I post all the things I got this month.

My box is specific to my child, so you put in your child, and what age they are, and you will get gender and age appropriate items.

And for me, I love getting all of these new hip things for my little one, but the best part for me is the surprise-I mean come on! Who doesn't love a complete surprise!!?? Its like Christmas every month. And it makes my week every time my Citrus Lane box comes. I have NEVER been disappointed with a box, sometimes I am not 100% happy with an item, but when that happens, I give it as a gift, and let me tell you, I have a baby shower/birthday party to go to at least once a week! And my gifts don't disappoint because they are usually Melissa & Doug, Hape, Skip Hop or Green Toys!  So if you are hesitant that you won't like an item-don't fret! I have a stash of gifts that essentially I didn't even pay for because they came in my box, and they weren't just right for me or Miles so I pass them on and they are brand new in the wrapper! So its a win win. (But this RARELY happens, I usually love everything in the box, and I never get duplicates) Also if you are a seller on Amazon-thats another great way to make some money back if you don't love an item. Just last month I did the mystery box through Citrus Lane and I got 2 items I already had, and so I just put them on Amazon and wahlah! Paid for my entire Mystery Box-and I kept the other 6 items! 

Also, you get to try all these products that you may have never heard of, or aren't in your normal shopping stores, and my cupboards are full of Citrus Lane dishes, and my toy boxes are full of Citrus Lane Toys, and my baby toiletries are full of all natural baby products from Citrus Lane, and guess what!? I found my favorite brands and things from doing Citrus Lane! And I have passed on some great product knowledge to my friends and family who were looking for the perfect item. 

Now I am going to list the prices as found on Amazon Prime, and it always turns out to be an amazing deal even with the amazon discount price-so that is another selling point for anyone who is on the fence! The retail price point is probably almost double what you can find it on for Amazon Prime, so if you don't have Amazon Prime, then you aren't in anyway going to find these products for that price. Totaling $53.84 in value (discount price points). Well take my breath away! If you are thinking about getting a box for starters at $14.50, thats almost $40 in product for free. 

May Box

Parthenon Sand Mold and Track Roller from Hape Toys
Hero from Goodbyn
Wooden Puzzle from Melissa and Doug
Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids from Jasmine Seven
Snack from Back to Nature
25% off from

Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids from Jasmine Seven $6.95 Amazon Prime
These sanitizing wipes always come in handy, and because of Citrus Lane-I never have to buy any type of hand sanitizer wipe because they send something every once in awhile-a few months back I got a big container of wipes, and they JUST ran out so its just perfect. Also, something I love about Citrus Lane is they always send natural, organic, and recycled products. Which I am all OVER! So these are 99% natural and alcohol free. And they are compact-so I can throw them in my purse, and they smell amazing. They say feet in the title, but on the package it says for hands and feet!

Parthenon Track Roller from Hape Toys $7.99 Amazon Prime
How perfect for summer! I was just thinking-man I need more sand toys for Miles, because all of our parks are sand, and lately he has been taking his shoes off to use as a shovel! And what boy doesn't love something that rolls, and makes a print, and you drag it through mud and sand! Hello perfect boy toy! These are Hape brand which are high quality unique toys. And obviously we have green, but I saw the little girls who subscribe had pink!

Sand Mold from Hape Toys $5.63 Amazon Prime
In addition to the roller-we received this sand mold, which is another great addition to our sand toys. Everyone needs a sand mold.

Snack from Back to Nature $1.33/bag Amazon Prime (24 pack online)
Now I'm not a huge fan of snacks in the box, but these I can't complain about, snacks in the box are rare, I think I have only had about 3 snacks and I have been a subscriber for about a year. But these came a little bit crumbled. So I gave Citrus Lane a ring, and within 1 minute of being on the phone, they said they have a new bag of cookies sent out to me. So if you know me personally-I am a little bit obsessed with customer service. I didn't really need a new bag of cookies sent to me, but I just needed to know what they would do-because I have NEVER not EVER had a problem with anything in the box. So this being the first time, it was my first chance to see what they would do, and they apologized, and took care of it, with no-uh its just a bag of cookies attitude. I was impressed. Nice job Citrus Lane. PS, these cookies are delicious, and contain no artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, flavors or colors. Nice. Completely my kind of snack-er....treat. :)

Wooden Puzzle from Melissa and Doug $9.99 Amazon Prime
Now this...this sings to my soul right here. I am a Melissa and Doug fan through and through, and the best part about this is we got to choose our own about a month ago, so no it wasn't a complete surprise, but I LOVE that they let the subscribers do that, because it just so happens that my little boy is OBSESSED with fire trucks, and airplanes, and trains, and boats, and buses, and anything that has wheels, so I loved that I could choose this month, and it was a tough choice they gave us, we had to choose between about 6 different Melissa and Doug puzzles, and since I spend a small fortune buying them at TJ MAXX for Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays, I was happy I could choose one for the box.

Hero from Goodbyn $21.95 Retail
So this is a product I almost cried while opening it, but seriously, its shiny and glossy, and BPA free, dishwasher safe and cute and now when we go on picnics we won't have mushy sandwiches and plastic baggies galore. And this isn't even on shelves yet!!! Its a new product completely. And I am sold!

It has 3 compartments, 2 containers for dips, and a nice secure lid.

And its big enough to fit plenty of food. My hand is in this picture to show you my nicely done Mother's day manicure (my first one ever) and the size point. 

25% off from

Now this is normal for Citrus Lane to include some sort of coupon or freebie online. Last month I got a free card from, I whipped it out and paid .40 cents for postage, and it was valued at $4.00, I probably won't use this coupon, but its great for people that maybe want to try getting all natural snacks through an online source. Now I didn't include the value on this-but hey if you do it you could save some serious cash!

Oh look I snuck my Mother's Day pedicure in as well (not my first one). Miles played with this puzzle forever, and usually I love Citrus Lane box days, because my child gets a new toy and is engaged for a long time! 

I am excited for all of these new products, totaling $53.84 (discount price) and I am so excited for you to try them as well, because you will fall in love, and its pretty much like getting a lot of things free, and  you will probably find all of your favorite products from Citrus Lane.
Use this Link to join for $14.50/month

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