Thursday, July 10, 2014

Citrus Lane June Box Review

I was out of town all of June so this is a little late, but I receive the Citrus Lane Box Subscription for my 22 month old baby boy. I love getting this box more than anything, it is such a pick up to receive a box full of wonderful things you barely paid anything for, and then you have all these top of the line items, toys, skin care, food, for your baby.

I love Citrus Lane and I recommend it to almost EVERYONE I talk to that has kids. It just is a wonderful thing to be a part of. You get quality items for half price, and its affordable. I have found my favorite toys, skincare, food items, books, and brands because of Citrus Lane. 

Here is a little price info:
1 Month: $29/month Free shipping, 
3 Months: $24/month Free shipping, 
6 Months: $21/month Free shipping,
12 Months: $19/month Free shipping.

You can get your first box for $14.50. Robbery.
Just to try it, you can get over $50 worth of goods for $14.50! Sell your old stuff on Ebay once a month and its paid for! That's what I am all about!
This box specifically is valued at $58.25 (which is the discounted Amazon Prime price) and you are going to pay $14.50 for it! A steal, a complete steal. Now sometimes you may get things you don't want or need, and in that case why don't you just keep a little gift stash that you paid nothing for!? My gift stash doesn't last long, and guess what? I give amazing expensive gifts because of Citrus Lane. And mostly I keep everything because its just too good to give away. And I really like getting crisp new things. It must be a disorder :)

This box featured so many wonderful items:
Zoo Straw Bottle from Skip Hop
Wet Bag from Bumkins
Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics
Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy
Special Offer from Third Love

And the included list.

Zoo Straw Bottle from Skip Hop $10.45 on Amazon 
I'm actually glad I am posting this late because I can really talk about these items. I mean REALLY talk about them. Every mom loves a new crisp sippy cup, because you know they get nasty. The babies carry them around everywhere and they just get washed 6,000 times, and so a new fresh one is like gold. And this one has become our constant companion. We take it everywhere. It has a velcro strap to hook to your purse, your arm, your stroller, your child's arm, your bike, your diaper bag, your belt buckle-you get the gist- and I love it.

It pops the straw right out and then closes again for NO leaking. And guess what my 22 month old figured it out in all of 5 seconds. He actually loves it, it makes him feel like he is independent and capable of opening and closing his drink. Score.

Wet Bag from Bumkins $14.84 on Amazon
You can get different prints on Amazon for different prices, but my print specifically was Mickey and this was a 'get to choose' item. Citrus lane usually lets you choose one item, or the color, or the type, and they send you an email and its a sneak peak to your box, and when I saw this one I loved it-and I also didn't realize it was going to be so big, and so useful! We go to the pool A LOT, and Texas is very hot so we go to the pool, then we usually change our little guy into normal clothes after, because he is in a swim diaper, and because he has this ability to turn blue and freeze to death even if it 109 degrees outside. So we get him out of the wet clothes ASAP after swimming, and usually we would wrap his wet clothes up in a towel and everything in our bag would be wet by the time we got home anyway. NOT ANYMORE!!!!! This bag is massive, and it holds all of our swimming suits and could hold more. I love it. I don't know how I lived without it. Since getting it we have been swimming 3 times and have used it and loved it every time.

Its big. You could almost fit a little human in it. But don't. Please don't. Just wet clothes please.

Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics $1.32 (.66/bar) on Amazon 
Plum products come frequently and I really love Plum, and these didn't disappoint. I could barely take a picture before Miles devoured them. I'm a sucker for all natural stuff-don't give me any of that other junk unless I'm really splurging on a fried donut, or Red Vines or something. Plus a $1.00 coupon as well. 

Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy $11.64 on Amazon
These varied in price, mine specifically on Amazon was over $20.00 but I took the Under the Sea Pouch Puzzle and priced it that way. This is a tad bit old for my 22 month old, it is a 12 piece puzzle, but I thought it was cute how it was in a zip plastic bag, and could be an easy travel piece also, the box tends to get ruined quick and this is durable and I loved the print of the Forest Friends. I'm a sucker for puzzles and games for kids (teaching Kindergarten gave me an outrageous collection) so this will be perfect for a center for my 3 year old preschoolers I teach starting in the Fall. 

Special offer from Third Love Valued at $20.00
This is a $20 off a $40 purchase coupon at Third Love. Third Love is a Bra/Lingerie company that sells all types of bras and even in half sizes. It matches your measurements perfectly to what bra size you need. Now as a mom we fluctuate bra sizes like nobodies business. So all my bras are strectched out from nursing and being pregnant, so I am up for a new bra for sure! So I will be testing these bras out for $20 for sure. Sometimes Citrus Lane includes coupons and deals, and sometimes I use them and sometimes I don't. I usually don't use them if they are 20% off or something, but this time I think I will, and I already know what bra I want and desperately need, but they don't have my exact thats a bummer and I'm willing to wait for it!  

This box is valued at $58.25!!!! HOLY SMOKES. So you can pay $14.50 and get the similar items every month, or you can just try it, and participate in the amazingness and then you will be sold and subscribe. I promise. I love it and I know you will too.

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