Monday, July 27, 2009


Let's play a did you know? game.
Excuse me if I am bragging about my husband's family....I dont mean to brag, just inform.
Did you know...Brad's uncle Steve Clark is running for Provo Mayor?
Did you know...Brad's good friend Zane's dad is also running for Provo Mayor, John Curtis?
Did you know...a BYU student also is running.
I dont know who I want to support. Family first I believe.....Who knows?

On a serious note..
Steve Clark is the father of Stephanie Clark Nielson. Also known as Nie Nie.
Read about Nie Nie and the Recovery here.


Crystal said...

You're famous. I will post...soon...I promise.

Ryan said...

I really do like Steve, but John Curtis is the best man for the job...