Thursday, July 23, 2009

July is turning into August

I feel like I have to post about something dramatic and exciting now. Probably because all my previous posts have been about what they call the most important days of anyone's life.

Strangely its like I have been pumping out the exciting news for so long Im in withdrawals. Its like I have to say something exciting about my life now or I will be a boring old married person.

Stuff like...

Im pregnant!!!

But im not.

So that would be a bad joke.

I guess the most exciting things that have happened have been that...

  • my toe that is right next to my baby toe has a toe nail that is too long. Its too long and I wear slip on shoes that are tight and that toe nail has created a cut in my other toe right next to it.
  • I lost the original wedding certificate that the temple gave me. I decided to use my brown bag today to match with my brown gauchos that my mom bought me when I was an incoming freshman....anyway. Brown bag. Found the certificate. Felt so good inside.
  • Brad and I made salsa for FHE together......and we are still eating it a week and a half later. And its really good. Makes me crave eggs, just so I can eat the salsa on it.

  • Last night we went to return some wedding gifts to Walmart. They don't give you cash unless you have a receipt. Frankly we didnt have a receipt for 20 things. So...they were going to give us a gift card. Which we expected. Then the man hit the wrong button and had to accidentally give us cash. Way blessing. $98.52 is way better in cash then on a gift card. So thank you Wal-mart man. And thank you all of you who got us gifts. Like 8 pillows.
  • I ran into a lady from the Womens shelter where I used to volunteer. She has 4 kids. One handicapped and an abusive unemployed ex-husband. She is starting her second year of nursing school in her 30's. She attends the temple regularly. The first picture is her little girl at my swim party. They still remember it. They still love it. They said they were touched I invited them. I love them.
  • Our bed is on little plastic stands to make it higher. All of the legs on the bed have broken through the stand except one. Its really funny when it happens. The whole bed collapses on that side and it sounds like a gunshot. I like it. Its fun. Except we only have one left that will break. Oh and I didnt like it so much when I got under the bed yesterday and saw that my printer was holding our bed up now. I fixed that. So now its funny again.

  • We got the internet at our house...I mean apartment. I just have to figure out how to make it wireless, because right now the cable is in a wierd place and there is a cord going across our kitchen that is about 2 feet off the ground. We just step over it. But I know I gotta change it before I forget about it and send our laptop and modem flying. The man who set up our internet was interesting...he thought me marrying Brad was a mistake because he wants to go to med school and that is just too much time away from my 'hubby' is what he kept calling him. He said he is perfectly happy being a cable guy for the rest of his life so he doesnt have to go to school to support his wife. So.... that was awesome.
  • But most importantly...I am so happy. I can say as a newlywed that being married is not really that hard. Its easier and better than dating. Maybe my perspective will change...but Im going to try and never make my perspective change. Im never going to give advice to engaged couples saying....being married is hard. NO! Its the view that changes it. I am madly in love with Brad Clark and he is a real man because he apologizes. Apologizes just in case he did something wrong. But he usually didnt do something wrong, which makes me just like him more. Like....Love...... :) And for the record...he is a great husband because he is WILLIng to go through medical school to do what he loves and support his family. man....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Anna and Dante Valenzuela said...

hahaha.. I know what you mean! I am married, but not pregnant (thankfully ;) and other than that I just work and hang out with the hubby... but I wouldn't have it any other way... Married life is the best!