Friday, July 17, 2009

Reception in Standrod

Tomorrow I have that reception in Standrod. You know the one that is 3 weeks after you get married.
Im excited to actually eat some chocolate fountain this time.

You know the good thing about two receptions is you get to learn from your mistakes.

Meaning....I didn't eat any this time...and Im going to this time.

I ate one strawberry then kissed Brad. I am pretty sure I barely ate that day.

Brad bought me McDonalds on the way to the temple that morning.

Which we later found out made him overdraft on his bank account.

All 4 dollars of it.

I did eat some pizza somebody had at my last reception.

That was good.

So many people ask me about how is married life.

"So Brittany, how is it being married."- Random person

"Horrible, I used to be able to do whatever I wanted, now I have to answer to someone else."-Brittany


It's the best ever in the universe.

We def. are both happier humans.

People are always dropping know advice like, "Don't ever let him sleep on the couch, work out your differences before you go to bed."

I just say back, "We don't have a couch."

Then they say to Brad, "Well make sure you help load the dishwasher."

Then I say, "We don't have a dishwasher."

Then they say, "Well make sure you take long baths when you get stressed."

Then I say, "I don't have a bathtub but our neighbors do, and now I understand don't covet what your neighbor their bathtub and couch."

Then I say, but I love our two room apt with only the very essentials included.

My mom.

She taught me how to fend for myself, and provide for my husband.

Like she fended (word?) for herself, husband, and 16 kids.

So she is fending (word?) for 16 more than I am.

So I count my blessings.

One by one.

First one....Brad.

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