Friday, June 18, 2010


It's so relieving to me. So relieving. I am done. I took my last final yesterday. I work my last shift on July Second. Scary. But awesome. I had to take classes so I could work longer, and it actually was a great decision, otherwise I would have had to paint my house to stay busy.

Brad got a 4.0. Of course. I remember when we were first dating and he had transferred to BYU from UVU, so he could have a better chance of getting into medical school. He got a 60 something on his test, and he was so upset!! I said, "Welcome to BYU baby!!" He then realized that he could still get an A due to assignments everyday and extra credit and curving. Something he had never experienced before.

So next week is our sister's bball tournament in the Utah Summer Games. We are getting shirts, and our only fans will be our spouses.
 So now that I don't have homework every day, a test every week and junk like that I can clean the house. So today while Brad got up to watch the US Slovenia game (where they got totally robbed) I slept in till 10, then we visited Kneaders for all you can eat french toast, since its just down the road, to celebrate our complete doneness with school. Then I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned.

It's nice to clean because my house had been....well neglected. Deep cleaning too, not just surface cleaning, you know that you do when you have no time. Wipe it down quick cuz we have no time! Nope I got to get on my hands and knees and scrub that floor.

So I'm going to help Tosha in her make up show tomorrow. Since I found my charger, I can take pictures :).
And I'm tutoring! I love doing it! Its fun, I'm finally doing what I love and I get paid for it. I am looking for a few more students though in order to have like 5 hours a day of work. Anyway, its fun to see the changes in my life, but at the same time its hard. Its hard because I have been a student my entire life. Now I am moving up, to a teacher. Do you realize what a transition that is? Student to Teacher. Crazy.

Well, Brad is doing research now and he LOVES it. He feels like he is finally doing what he loves. He cuts mice open, finds their uterus, finds their embryos...then checks em out, looks at him and a bunch of other scientific stuff that he told me but I don't know how to even begin to explain it all. But its cool and he loves it.
But he is usually the one sitting on the couch wishing I was home while I'm at work. But now...that's me waiting for him to come home from his lab. He says he is the only one who isn't a nerd. Hate to break it to you are a nerd.

So life is rolling and going well. I feel accomplished. I feel complete. Now imagine what I will feel when Brad is done with medical school...crazy awesome.

I thought I would leave you with Faith.

She was just a baby here. And I got her that car seat for her birth day. Her real birth day!

Now she has turned 3!! Holy smokes Faith, you are adorable.
She is holding my newest niece Gemma. 


Sally said...

Hey B, just for the record, it's Jemma with a J :) haha

Just Some Dude said...

Oh great! You're done. But does that mean you're done with blogging? C'mon. It's been a week. That's like a famine for you. I hardly ever leave comments (a habit I'm trying to change), but I always read.