Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strange things are happenin to me...

So so so so so so so sosososooooo much has happened.

If you didn't know, I am working at BYU info for my last weeks. And in order to do that I had to take one class I needed to graduate, so in order to get a grant to pay for school I had to take full credits. So I am taking golf, basketball, marriage class, and STATS.

That's right Stats. 

So tomorrow is finals. And I haven't studied one bit. But how could I, it was a beautiful day until it started storming like crazy right when I got to work.
Today was reading day. And I did everything but... I started tutoring these two boys, so cute and so smart. So thats what I did today, then Brad got home and we fell asleep till four! Then I went grocery shopping since I hadn't gone in two weeks. Gross I know, I was resorting to eating oatmeal for every meal, but hey it was fun to see how long we could eat canned foods with no milk or bread. 
Oh the bottom of my backbone just popped. I love it when that happens. Feels like my tail bone popped.
So, my friend Chelsea graduated from NURSING SCHOOL! Yahoo for Chels! She is Brad's sister PS.
I captured some real dandys of her.

I captured a dandy of him too.
Did you know Brad has freckles on his lips? He does. I hope none of you knew that, that would mean you were too close to him. I am the only one who gets to be that close.

Wow it really is pouring right now.
So she did it, if you need a nurse, she is it. She passed all her tests and we are so proud of her.
And then we went to my friend Abbey's reception.
She was beautiful. And in the background is a groomsmen cake of a rock climbing wall. Adorable.
My dear friend Gen has a cute boy. I took a glamor shot of them in front of the sunset and golf course.

Then we had a wedding. Oh how we love weddings. Brad has participated in three since he met me. Ours, Brooke's, and now Landon's!
Halle. She loves yellow, sidewalks and long walks on beaches.
Holy Smokeronies!!! All my nieces except my sister Faith on the very far left. Faith could never be left out!
Maddie holding Gemma (my newest niece and Summer's first baby), Remi, Molly, Sophie, Halle and screaming Ashtyn!

Oh did you want to see the Bride and Groom?? Oh okay fine.
Tiera's dress was beautiful as was she. Landon you looked okay your self. 
Look Sally, my shirt looks white here!! I look like a stoned drug head.
Brad and I make such an adorable, lovely, stunning, eternal couple. And do you know what?
We are married a year on the 27th! Of June! I'll talk about that later gator.
So above we have the bride and groom and all my sisters. And my creme shirt. Boy did I get in trouble for my cream shirt. And below we have just all my sisters! 
Did a gross color blind person wrap Brad's bday presents!!!!! Yes yes she did! I did!!! In the morning of Brad's birthday. Because if I would have unhid them before his birthday he would have had all of them guessed in the beginning!
I made him open them right when he woke up, because lucky me..I had to go to a Stats review.
This was his moving face when he saw my main present to him.
An Ipod touch!
He obviously was surprised. 
And his got stolen..so he loves his new touch. Especially when I told him two days after he got it that it had wifi. He had no idea of its capabilities. 
I made him an ice cream cake. Yep thats the cake in all its ugliness.
But it was super good. It had mint ice cream with chocolate cream cheese frosting and a crunchy layer in the middle of it consisting of chocolate syrup and oreos!

Our backyard is full of possibilities. That's Zane Curtis in the grass coffin. Ya, you wouldn't know it but he is the mayor's son.
We made mini pizzas and then cooked them. My favorite pizza is cheese and onions. Yummers.
I missed half of Brad's friends. But these are the true friends, the ones that stay the longest. Jk, Luke and Aj didn't have a ride :) But any girls that see this photo and want to hook up with Luke (far right) and Aj Second from the left. Give me a holler. Oh and Kevin, he isn't available. He is married.

So, that's my strange things are happening to me post.

Hope you love it, and can feel the love from Brad and I to you!

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