Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Stay

As you know..or may have known Brad and I have been married a year! Can you believe it!??! So for our second honeymoon we went to VEGAS!! woot woot!

We stayed in a 4 and 1/2 star hotel, Planet Hollywood Westgate Towers.

 Why can't they just be 5 stars!!! I dunno!!!??!!?!?

See this is what they advertise. The Westgate Towers...well its all fine and dandy except...
Its really only one tower!?

We were so confused. The entire time we spent looking for that other tower.
My favorite part was the pool. I loved it oh so much. 
See the lighter blue area, ya that part is only 9 inches. So you can get toasty while you are cooling off. Brilliant.
I loved that part.
Loved it. Who thought of that? Genius.
So and the pool chairs were lovely, sort of like a weaved plastic, so they dont get too hot and they aren't those annoying strips of plastic that your one boob will fall through, and your trying to re-situate it. Ya, you know what I'm talking about

Actually my boob didn't get stuck in there, but yet my bun. It kept going in between the two strips, then I would try to move and my hair would just be stuck in there. My hair bun, not my butt bun. That was at the first pool we went to at planet hollywood before we found the weaved plastic chairs.
So, pool was amazing. 

Another amazing thing was that there was a full on MALL underneath us...yes, a mall.

I shopped at Gap, Victoria's Secret, H&M, and many other places. In total I think I spent 36.00! Ha, I'm a high roller.

We went to eat at Pampa's, and PF Changs twice.

We loved happy hour at PF Changs.

And our first day there my fortune cookie read, 
"Tomorrow you will be in for a pleasant surprise."

Then our next day at PF Changs, we got free lettuce wraps!! My favorite things at PF Changs!!!

So that was my pleasant surprise.

First we went swimming at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Pool, see we stayed at the Westgate Towers, which are a nicer version of Planet Hollywood. Anyway, we went swimming at the normal swimming pool thinking it would be wonderful.

Well it was called the pleasure pool...

The one side was 18 and up, and the other side was everybody else.
And it was packed!!!

We didn't even venture into the pleasure pool 18 and up, who knows what went on there, and most likely they would think we were too young anyway.

We got asked how old we were 4 times.

Twice because I ventured off the designated area for below 21 and they came and made sure I was 21. We are married 18 year olds, escaping our parents in Vegas!!!!!
No, we are old, Brad is 23 going on looking 14 and I am 21, almost 22, a college graduate!! 
So, that was our pleasure pool experience, then we went over to the nicer pool that was our pool at the westgate towers. There we felt loved and comfy. In the nice weaved plastic chairs.

Not to mention the highlight of our trip.


See she was doing the peep show there at Planet Hollywood. And she lives there too.

We felt honored to be sharing a hotel with a stripper.


We didn't actually go to the peepshow, but since they display clips of it on the millions of tvs everywhere we go, we felt like we had seen it 18 times by the time we were done. I would post the ad on here that was bigger than our hotel, but it is a little scandalous. So just search Holly Madison and you will get the ad for the peep show.

This is all I have for you today, tomorrow I will divulge into the meat of our trip.


Natalie Jane said...

how exciting! I love that you've been married a year. That's magical.

Karissa said...

I love the way you tell stories. :-) Thanks for making me giggle.