Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I don't feel like blogging. I'm sorry. So much has happened. Brad's dad was in the hospital and I felt like a train wreck that week. Then our car got stolen that same week. New train wreck. 

But things are going better. The car was recovered, we had to go to court to waive the towing fees, still had to pay 50 dollars. Glad to have it back, they stole our GPS, which was in the glove box, so they didn't steal the car for that I'm guessing?

Brad and I are on a Wallyball team, and usually we have 3 people against four, but we have played just me and Brad and we are UNDEFEATED!!! Who knew? Wallyball. School is going well, today was 100 day, and I was glad to have survived. I only called Brad once in desperation, then I remember he had a test. I just needed someone who could help me without me telling them what to do. I need an aid basically.

Now Brad has a basketball game and I need to shower before it. Probably not going to happen. I can't believe its Feb. I am so busy. You probably have an idea, but if you haven't been a K teacher, then you have NO idea. I always feel frazzled. Things are never slow...Things are never relaxed... and I come home to a messy basement apartment and I live with 2 people who are just as busy as me, and we always play...who is going to clean next??? Which is a horrible way to live. I come home around 5, 5:30 and try not to just fall asleep. Or I have Wallyball, basketball, or some game to go to. It's so easy to eat out. I could eat out every day. Just a quick salad somewhere, home food is better but then you have to clean up. Blah. These pics are from Christmas. The brown hair is going to be gone this Saturday, thank you! I'm sick of it.
These were taken on Christmas day.

My dad tried to hold Jemma my niece, she's not usually like this, she just freaked out.

I'm not sure if you have seen a Hansen Christmas, but this one was beyond anything I have ever seen because we had more nieces and nephews then the previous 2 year before I had been there.

Everybody has presents under their tree, and their santa red bag with their name on it is also full.

Brad and I got 3 headlamps, somehow Santa miscommunicated with the elves and forgot to tell them he already gave us our headlamps.

The spouses don't have bags, so their gifts get mingled in, well sometimes I would pull something out that I thought was for me, but really it was for Brad, it was awkward at times.

The garbage on the floor was insane, and the commotion was insane. At least I got to open my presents before church.

We had the Skinner family for Christmas and we got them these cute aprons among other things.

Of course we had to have a shoot out in the back yard.

I hit a few.

Brad tried to let us hit the clay birds but after about 4 shots of girls he would finally shoot and hit it.

Oh and Brad's valentine present is IN THE MAIL!! After about 40 hours of work, finally!!! He read my texts and found out that it is a book that I made him online. But after being SO mad at him, I realized it wasn't worth it and just took his apologies and "I'll do anything for you," for awhile then I finally forgave him :)

My last and final question, how many otter pops have you eaten in a day?

Me....probably in the 40s.

Is that nearly obesity? Maybe that's why  my most recent picture was over a month ago.

Jk, the otter pops have not made me obese, yet.

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Erica+Matson said...

I love OTTER Pops. Haven't had some since like 6th grade.