Sunday, February 12, 2012


I just discovered that the guitarist in the band Maroon 5, James Valentine has a sister. That is married to Brad's cousin. Wow. I feel so close to fame right now.

Brooke had a fun party for her birthday at our house. Our house is a little basement and nobody should have to live with cellar windows for too long, it gets depressing. But we are the middle man for family for parties, so every party is at our house...which I don't mind because in a few months family will be many many hours away. Tears.

Julie decorated the cake with oversized M & Ms. If you are wondering if we made fun of her, we did.

She turned 32!!

We let go of a very pretty baby.

Made a profit of 100 dollars and kept it a year, so we felt it was a good investment, but since Brad got this Fender Jaguar, we had to say, lets not get out of control with our guitars.
I love Brad, and so any new purchase, I am understanding and loving. Its a good hobby, a talent I respect and love. Also, such a life long thing. Well the Grammy's are playing in the background and maybe my goal of getting to bed before 10:30 will happen. Doubt it, since I'm married to Brad Clark who doesn't think anything past midnight is an okay time to go to bed. PS can you believe its already FEB!! Time is flying. And it snowed today. Loved it.

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Becca said...

I randomly found your blog! I think through Tess Koops blog. You might not remember me, but I just thought I'd say HELLO! AND... tell you that My husband got into Texas Tech too. Maybe we will end up right next to each other.

OH and ALSO... I ran into your mother-in-law at the VCC. Landon use to volunteer there. Anyway. Small world. Kind of like how we met too. Who'da thought that we would meet in high school, being a state apart, and possibly end up at the same medical school!

Anyway hope all is well ;)! Congrats!