Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Wide

Well, we went to Standrod. It was quite the little adventure. We left around five because I had a church bball tournament in the morning which we played 2 games back to back, and won them both!! So now we play in this tri stake championship game on Wednesday. I am awfully excited. My friend Julie recruited me to play, its not my ward, but another ward, which is perfectly legal because my ward doesn't have church bball and you get your bishop to sign a paper. It's fun and great and BY far the best happiest team I have been on in a long time! No offense Championship Intramural team, but you cannot replace these girls they are old (sorry) and not in great shape, except a few, and they work their butts off to win.

So then Brad and I went for sushi. I know...sushi when you are pregnant!!! Ooooos and ahhhs, judge me if you will. We hadn't been there before and it is called Wild Ginger and I loved it! And I didn't puke it ;)
Then Brad wanted to play bball so, alas we waited a few more hours. It began to be raining and stormy but we didn't think anything of it, I had been trying to call my mom ALL day and I was starting to get MAD! NO one was answering.

We went to my aunts to pick up my 3 cousins who were going to ride with us in our Honda Accord, which seats 5, but then 2 more cousins wanted to come so we switched our gear to the mini van. And, the radio didn't work because their baby put pennies in it, which caused a short in the tail light, who knew?

We arrive home and the power has been out all day, and there is snow. Of course, snow in March, winter finally came. My little brother Ian greeted us with a microscope that had a light on it. Some had head lamps. Toilets had 3 or 4 goings already in them because they wouldn't flush with no power. We sat around and talked in the dark next to the raging fire, so rustic. Still everytime I walked into a room I tried to flip the light. Habit. We went to sleep, preparing for the power to go on sometime in the night, and instead woke up to no power Sunday morning. Also, I woke up to 6-8 inches of snow and it was still snowing! Oh dear. Church started at ten but my mom couldn't get ahold of the bishop, who lives 30 or so miles away on dirt roads. Cell phone service is bad out there and actually is a new thing. Brad and I don't get any service at all with our phones.

So we didn't know if Shad's farewell was going to be canceled, when 40 or so people had traveled to see it. No power, probably no church. I think around 10:30 we were planning how to have a little farewell at our house (church is 30 miles away on dirt roads) I live in a dirt road village, and then all the sudden the power kicked on. Toilets can finally be flushed! Good thing my parents have 8 bathrooms or we would have been in trouble. Mom got a hold of the bishop and church was back on! Since Dad, Echo, and Shad were the 3 speakers and the brothers and brothers in law were the musical number, we needed to show up. We packed up the caravan and after 6 cars headed out, we took the treacherous trip to Almo, Idaho which is 30 miles away from our house in Standrod, Utah. You can google map these places, we are dots in the swarms of mountains. We arrived a little late, but at least we arrived. We took up the front 3 rows and that was just immediate family.

Echo spoke first and before she told a story about Phyllis, a lady in the ward, she said, since she was here when the relief society was first established I have some stories from her. Then Sally, in the audience said really loud, "What?" Then Echo gasped and covered her face and the sacrament meeting roared with laughter. Then Echo said, "Sorry Phyllis."

It was epic. Then my dad spoke and he just did a fantastic job after Ammon (autistic brother) ripped up his talk, and shattered a light bulb over it the morning of. Then it was Shad, whom Echo had wrote his talk, and I had reviewed and added details. Shad went well, we wanted him to expound on his testimony at one part and we wrote: Bear Testimony of Church and Priesthood. And he said, "I would like to bear my testimony of the church and priesthood." So that didn't quite go as planned, but I guess we should have written it better. :) Don't worry he will have the gusto to write his homecoming talk :)

I apologize if you lost me up in the story somewhere, bear with me, its almost to the good part where I post the pictures. We then helped set up the dinner of frozen pizzas from Costco, Harmons, and wherever else the family brought them from, then we ate, then I nearly passed out from exhaustion. There is something about being heavy with child, it makes you tired. Very tired. But good news minute (this is relief society) I have been feeling loads better, puking has subsided to about once every three days, and I usually can eat meals. Back to story. I was so tired, I couldn't even form sentences, but nobody seemed to notice because of all the hussle bussle. Also, I thought I was hiding my large waist line with this dress, but it is evidence of ME, getting wide.
This is my family (siblings) in order from oldest to youngest. It's crazy I know, as I look at it, I think of us as crazies or something. Brooke, Tosha, Hannah, Tanner, Summer, Landon, Brittany, Sally, Shad, Echo, Ethan, Chandler, Ammon, Ian, Lad, Faith. Somehow I got hit with the short stick, or forgot my heels. But HEY I am 5'7'' everyone else is just taller than that.

Guhhh that's me 15 weeks wide! Brad says I look stunning, really honey?? I thought the stripes would hide the wide, but its still evident. Summer is also pregnant, she is 4 weeks ahead of me! Tosha just had a baby, and hopefully Sally and Echo stay clear of babies for awhile, Hannah already has 4 so she won't be popping anytime soon!
I am just so happy that I can start feeling better so that I can think about how great it is going to be to have a baby! A DNA combination of Brad and I, its going to be great.


Erica+Matson said...

I showed Matson the picture of your siblings and Matson didn't believe me that they were all your siblings. Haha. But you look cute in that photo! Love the dress!!

Natalie said...

Brittany, you DO look stunning. Is that the word he used? You look adorable! I wouldn't have thought - look at that pregnant lady! If I didn't know. I can't wait until your baby gets big and you look full on pregnant because I know you'll be SO CUTE!

So happy for you. Love your fam. Love you. Love your baby. haha.