Friday, November 9, 2012

PArtAY in the Clark House

Halloween posts are okay 9 days into November I hope.

If not just push your x button and get outta here.

But I think once you get a hint of this hunk......
you will stay.
This is what Brad wore to school on Halloween. Sweats, t-shirt and Rangers hat.
I told him we needed to dress up. I was going to be a baseball player and so was he. Miles, he is fruitsavers.....basically knock off lifesavers because they didn't want to pay the copyright fee to make a lifesavers costume. But I don't complain at $3.99.

The trunk or treat started off right with a happy baby.
I always guess what he is saying, "GET ME FREAKIN OUTTA THIS MOM"
It was my first time, so clearly it was monumental.

I dressed up, everyone thought Brad dressed up too.....but like I said, you can wear sweats to med school...who knew?

People, check with your doctors to see what they wore to class.....

Carissa and Justin let us bum off their trunk. They told me it was going to be a ghost.
Then I showed up to this....
WHAT? You did NOT prepare me for this! I was expecting a ghost....
Frankly this is way better...

Matthew is their son...he is 3 and he wanted to be a snowman, so creative Carissa made his costume!

They also have a son named Koyle. You have seen him before from the apple festival. Best faces best blue eyes.

Our church is in the temple parking lot, this is cute Stella. 
I have visited the temple once, with my mom, when I was 4 DAYS OVERDUE!! Holy smokes.

Miles' hat doubled as a eye mask, and he loved it. (Really he hated it and one time a stranger said, "Um your baby is upset" and sure enough I looked at him with a bright red face and he was sweating up a storm about ready to SCREAM because his eyes were covered.)
So hard to be a baby.

Brad handed out candy from his NEW mitt. (Ya, we are trying to beat the record of how many mitts one person can own/buy in one year)
Mr. Freckle face-But Brit, I told you the last one was used by the pros but really they use the better model, so now I NEED another one.
My definition of need: you will die without it, you will starve and die without it, you will freeze to death and die without it, you will swell up and die without it, you will lay down and die without it.
Apparently one of those would have happened to him.
Having the wrong Mitt depression=die
Need the mitt babes, please.-Freckle
Well you are the one going to school 24/7 and I sit at home and blog so sure whatever-Wife/Mom/never buys anything unless she NEEDS it, like new bangle bracelets.

We had a great outcome. But somehow I am still eating the candy from this.....
Need to throw it out, can't throw it out-tastes too good in my mouth.

Brad is saying, Oh you cutesy wootsey have one or two or three.

Oh hi little baby. You are the cutest little baby on the planet. Mommy could just kiss your cheekies over and over again until you let out that annoyed scream that says, "GET OFF ME!!"

A very thought out costume, low key, and adorable.
Didn't know them at all, ran after them for their pic. Weird-awkward moment.

Koyle in the mouth.

Friend Abby that lives here, her hubby is a second year.

Oh here he is! She had her baby before me.
She was due after me.

That happened to me a billion times. So many of my friends poppin out the babies. I was sitting at home like a lard bum with no baby. But he is here now!!! 
Abby and I went to school together at BYU, we then rekindled our love for each other here in Lubbock after losing touch for 4+ years. She has Riggs and William, whom she calls Wilber. Pinch me he is so cute. Him and Miles=besties. (They just don't know it yet)

Our friend's thought they had a better trunk.....So we were constantly throwing glances and candy at each other...(Not really, that just makes a better story)

So it was my first Trunk n Treat
Trunker Treat?

But most importantly, this little cutey face's first Halloween!!!

Now my day with Brad begins!!! 

Please watch this video below to see my giant hands and my little baby with his newest find.

It's so hard to be a baby. 


Justin and Carissa said...

I think my favorite picture (besides the one of my kids of course) is the picture of Abby. So great!

Erica+Matson said...

Hahaha he is sucking so loud. SO funny! haha.