Monday, November 26, 2012


(THIS WOULDN'T POST-so it is a later post)
So of course I have been delaying this post.
Miles turned 2 months on the 15th...
I love how I say turned, like he actually aged.
But you have to believe he did.
Here we are brand new. He stared at me from the beginning.
He still stares at me.

Here he is a chunky monkey only four weeks later.

Babies grow so fast and you don't even realize it, until you are packing away their clothes because they won't zip up, or they can't straighten their legs.

When I put his newborn stuff away around 5 weeks I started to cry.
He will never be that little again. He will never curl up in a complete ball and fit in the crevasse of my elbow pit. Oh it hurts my heart to think about it. He will never wear N diapers again. (G BABY) 

Now he has made this huge jump to 8 weeks.
He talks to me, like really talks.

We talk about our favorite colors, foods, people, things to do, and places to go.

I still call him sweetie cheeks, sweetie heart, love baby, lover, honey baby, chunky love, cutey face, cutey baby, lovey baby. Those are my main ones.

I slowly am starting Mr. Miles.

It suits him well.
Since he is my best friend all day until daddy comes home, then we are a trio of besties.

Miles always has the hiccups, but I do something called Gripe Water that instantly takes hiccups away. (baby section Walmart) I just do a teeny bit. I thought it was a fluke so I tried water 3 times didn't work.
I also try to breast feed him (I love how I say it all proper on here- in real life I say "put em to my boob") when he has the hiccups, but thats not always the most conducive thing to do while grocery shopping. Plus putting him there usually just makes him mad-MOM NOT HUNGRY CANT GET RID OF THE HICCUPS!!! Scream-twist head-scream-push away-scream-pull my hair-cry scream-Mom gives up and gives him Gripe water because it works instantly.

Wow, enough of gripe water. 
Well I have been delaying this post because we went in for his check up so happy and ready to find out how much he weighed and had grown.
We made it to 12.8 lbs! a 2.8 lb increase in 4 weeks. 
We made it to 23 inches! 2 inches in growth!
He is just right around 50th-60th percentile with those numbers.
But I asked the doctor about this little indent in his bum crack....
hence my delay in talking about his two month milestone.
She said she wants to do an ultrasound on his spine.
That scared me to tears.
My little baby might have something wrong with his spine. you know my delay.
She said it is just a precaution, but sometimes that dimple can mean his vertebra wasn't covered/sealed completely. Which would mean a surgery. But I haven't even researched it, and I don't want to, and Brad is sure nothing is wrong. I feel like its going to be fine. But for a few days I was pretty worried.

We are just so amazed at how fast he is growing and changing.
 Sometimes Brad will just hold him while he studies. He always falls fast asleep and I just get stuff done that I need to. Clean-cook-work out-do whatever I haven't done.
We are just rockin the g diapers.
Thanks to Grandma Rachelle for those!
He is a good little sleeper. He sleeps from 11PM-6AM sometimes 7AM. Then I feed him and he continues to sleep until 11 AM.
Sometimes I sleep with him, sometimes I wake up and get stuff done.
Depends on my mood.
Sometimes I pull him into bed with me and we snuggle and sleep.
I wake up at 6 AM and I just feel like I haven't had him for so long and I just wanna cuddle.
A few nights ago I held him for a long time, and I was wide awake just thinking about how precious and special he was.

Sometimes it hits me what a miracle babies are.
And I think, wow this happens all the time. Every day. 
It seems it is taken for granted that someone can get pregnant, or have a healthy baby.
Because it happens so much.
But really it is a miracle.
I mean come on.....your body made and carried another human inside of it?
What? That's crazy.

Sometimes his hair looks auburn in the sun.
It's finally starting to grow in the front.
Way long in the back.
He smiles and coos at me and Brad and Brad says, "Brittany thinks she has intelligent conversations with him."
And I say, "We do Brad! His favorite color is blue like mine, he likes it when my milk is apple flavored, and he loves it when I sing songs to him."
I tell Brad we have conversations because we are together all day everyday.
And all night every night..
So clearly I need to converse with him.

My favorite things about him are:
His cheeks
His big blue eyes
His big lips
His little feisty personality
His arms are toned
His rolls that I have to clean on his legs
How he can latch on to my lip when I am kissing him (may be gross to him in a few years)
How he cuddles up to me and falls right to sleep-closer the better-the more sweat stickiness the better.
How he can stand up when holding on to him.
How he can roll from his belly to back.
How he yell talks.
How well he travels.
How he stares at me when he is falling asleep. 

Sometimes I think I see a glimpse of me in him. . but mostly I see my baby. I never see a ton of either me or Brad.
I hope he has freckles.

 Oh he didn't like that.....Miles you don't want freckles??????????
Looks like he is tired of us talking about him.
Well have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we will continue to soak up family and warmth in Gilbert, AZ.

Echo and I are hittin up the black Friday at midnight.
We're Crazies.
Welp gotta go, Miles is letting out his talking screams.
This is what I think he is saying....
AHHhhhehehhh-mom hold me.
Ahhhhhhhiiiiiiii-mom feed me.
wahhhheeeeeee-need attention now, get off your computer.

Alright sweetie heart.

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