Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Even Though..

Even though the election is over....I still have my family.
(Taken by Heather at the Fort Worth Texas Zoo)
And I think that is what Brad always reminds me, when the going gets rough....
So I am reminding you, if you feel depressed or heartbroken after the election...
think about the good things that have happened to you.
My baby for one....he is a good thing that happened to me.

My sister Hannah was talking to me about changing tables one day.
(She hasn't been to my house, and doesn't read my blog, so I'm not REAL worried she will read this. If she read my blog she would have known not to say this to me. Regardless I'll get to the conversation now.)
She said, "Oh my gosh-its so annoying people who have changing tables. They have to run to their baby's nursery to change their diaper on the changing table. Its the only way they can change their diaper. So annoying and dumb." (words may vary that she said)
I then said, "I have a changing table."

I could have stopped there and just let that heart sinking whoops feeling sink in for her.
You know that feeling when you stick your foot in your mouth.
I'm really good at it.
I remember this guy walked into the gas station once and he had turquiouse wranglers on-skin tight mind you, and big ol' hugeo boots up to his knees. I said to my two friends-Cherry and Cami Ward (they were cousins)-"Look at that guy! Look at his pants! Look at his boots!"
I was laughing and givin them the ol' shoulder arm nudge as I was saying that, then one of those blonde cousins said to me, "That's our uncle."

So I went on to explain to Hannah that I mostly got a changing table because it was cute and 15 dolla on KSL. Then I painted it, and its really great storage for bins and diapers and wipes and all the stuff you need right off the bat. 

I then told her, I don't change him there always, I also have a little white basket on my dresser in my room with diapers/changing pad/wipes in it. Sometimes I don't even use a changing pad. I'm low key easy peasy. She went on to say........whatever and neither of us were offended.

Welp that was a really long story that was my precurser to saying I LOVE DIAPERS.

G Diapers that is. 
I told you awhile ago I would be using these...
I wasn't lyin.

You see, I would have NEVER bought them myself, especially after I had a baby. 

The idea of a cloth diaper could gross anyone out.
But the point is, it was a great thing my mom in law bought them for me (for the entire diaper life of my baby Miles). So I was forced to use them essentially and it was a great investment. They don't leak, they wash up great and some of you are just thinking about the poo. Well I have good days and bad days with the poo. Some days I don't feel like washing it, so I just throw it pooed and everything in the washer, and it comes out clean, some days I think I can handle spraying it off in the bathroom sink so I doo doo. (Had to) But jist is, I like them, and they save me TONZ of diapers. I probably go through 7 g diapers a day, and 2 or 3 normal diapers. You see Brad still doesn't like them. He will put a normal diaper on Miles after taking off the g diaper. And, I don't like them at night. They don't leak, but they are thicker and seem wetter than normal diapers and I feel bad keeping that on him all night. I've done it a few times with no leaking no problems for him, but its just me...

I can't stand the thought of my little baby sitting in wet.

Someday I'll figure out the math of how much money I will save using cloth diapers.

But in the mean time lets talk about how Miles sucks on anything that is in his reach.

I woke up one night to him sucking on his blanket. Both hands forcin it in his mouth.

Hello baby!! Don't eat the blankie!  He was fast asleep doing the sucking motion on the blanket.
Good thing my laundry detergent is non-toxic.
(Don't go check your detergent, I'm pretty sure nobodies is toxic)

I have a million things to tell the blogging world. Halloween, our trip to Dallas, and millions of other important Brittany/Brad/Miles information.

But this post is about g diapers, because you all needed something to talk about besides the election, you can talk about how you think its weird/creepy/cool that Brittany uses cloth diapers.
But while you are talking about that, make sure you tell whoever you are talking about it with that they are better than the 'cloth' diapers you really have an image of. And show them Miles in this blog. 
Next thing you know, they will be buying cloth diapers-G diapers.
(I don't work for G diapers, I just think they are gangster diapers, making them cooler and better than normal diapers.)

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Erica+Matson said...

When you are here you'll have to tell me all about cloth diapering.