Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Starting to feel like home..

Weird enough Lubbock is starting to feel homish.
I don't have to turn my gps on every time I walk out the door.
I can successfully make it to a few key places.
Texas Tech Rec Center...
Greatest thing ever for me.
I can swim, work out in any way and attend any possible class I want, although I tend to stick to yoga, pilates and piYO.
I also LOVE playing basketball there. They have about 10 courts and I somehow always find people to play with and I always end up making some basketball friends.
And unfortunately I went to the gym to work out and decided to play basketball too, but was wearing my running shoes, and now I can't wear any shoes on the back of my that means flip flops, or I just step on the back of my old sperrys...because its COLD HERE! Finally!
I love wearing a coat and scarf, I was so over summer.

So our first snow day here was on Monday December 10th! 
I decided it was a big deal that my little baby boo sees snow for the first time.
He was a complete champ, he also is mastering the bumbo and SAYS NO MORE to the boppy because he can't see around like he can in the bumbo.
Although he does tend to lean over and chew on the side of it.
I need that Teething Giraffe something serious.
It's like all drooling and chewing and drooling and sucking has broken loose in this household.
At night I was putting mittens on him because its FREEZING (thank you Brad who can't sleep in over 30 degree temperature) but then he was sucking on them and they were coming off in his mouth. Hello choking hazard. So we had to stop that, and just resort to him sucking his freezing hands making them even colder.
But my little cutie pootie loved our 4 minutes in the snow, which we didn't even touch. 
He is going to be 3 months on Saturday.
And I am sure I am going to cry.

He is always smiling and talking to me.
He is a motorboat always kicking and looks like he is swimming when you put him on his tummy.

Oh my baby. You melt my heart.

Mykah my cousin said he looks like a Bitty Baby.
I think she is pretty accurate.

Somehow when he I put this on him, he became the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
Even though I already thought that.

He went to my friend's house the other day because....

Good job mommy! You were always teaching Kindergarten when I was in your belly, and I remember when you would always throw up in those little toilets next to your room.

Blahhhh, sorry I made you puke mom.

I am SO excited to be a sub, there are a few reasons I am doing it
1. To get residency in Texas you HAVE to work for at least 1 year, or be married to someone who has worked 1 year! School does not count. Although we already received in state tuition, we still want to be Texas residents for several reasons.
2. To feel like I am accomplishing something in the professional world.
3. To make a little extra cash.
4. To keep my teaching up to date and going strong.
5. I hate leaving Miles, but once or twice a week will be so good for me right now.
I went from teaching full time, to being a mom full time...there was no middle ground there.
So its been a shock, and I always make lists in order to cross them all off so I can feel like I am doing something. This subbing thing was scary at first, like can I do this?? Is this right???
And as soon as I got there I could have jumped and clicked my heels.
A man even came up to me and said, "Hey did you just graduate (that made me feel goody)"
Then I said, "Oh no I lived in Utah and taught Kindergarten for 2 years."
He then said, "OH!! I need to hire a elementary teacher at my school right now!!!"
I then said, "Well, I just had a baby, so I'm not quite ready to just say goodbye to him and be so stressed all the time just yet."
He said, "OHHH ya you need a little time-well if you change your mind, come talk to me."
Uh, that was easy! At least I know I could get a job if I wanted one!
Update on Brad: He had a great block where he came home at noon most days and then studied in the afternoon a little bit. That was AWESOME! But this week and next week he has 4 tests all on the same its been a usual test week, gone from 8 AM to 11 PM.
I have learned how to cope. I get in the car and go to 5 different stores and usually buy nothing, but at least it kills 5 hours of my all day at home days without Brad.
Actually today I did buy a few Christmas presents. I love Christmas giving.
We drive home to Utah on the 20th and I AM SO EXCITED!
We are also blessing our sweet baby boo in Provo on the 23rd of December.
I can't wait to have his family cuddle and snuggle him. 

Merry Christmas from Lubbock!!

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Text me his blessing time! We are so there!