Monday, December 17, 2012

My heart hurts

I can't read the news, I cannot learn the details of the horrible horrid shooting. So many times it went through my mind of what I would do if that happened in my classroom.
My goodness it hurts my heart.
When something is really sad, or when I am really sad, I tell Brad, "My heart hurts."
Because it really does, it has a strong ache that makes me feel like it is beating in my throat.
It happens to me when I get so sad.
And thats how I felt when I heard about the shooting.
So I can't listen to it, read it, or think about it, its too painful for me, too close to home, because I was a teacher of Kindergarten, and because I have a sweet child of my own now.
And that's what I have to focus on because he makes me the happiest person in the world.
And how could this picture not make a person happy?
He is now 3 months!
Where has this time gone, my little newborn is now a big boy!
He loves taking baths with mommy, and he laughed so hard when Brad was washing his feet with a washcloth the other night. We can get him to lightly giggle usually by tickling him, but he was full on laughing, and it made me so overjoyed.
Miles loves to jump in the water and he even dips his face down and licks the water when we are holding him up so he can stand in the tub and jump.
He lets out these yells when he is hungry and tired, and they get louder and louder, then I say, "Ohhhhkay nunight time." Then we put him in his bed with his blankie up around his face and he is out. He grabs everything in sight, and if I am holding him while typing on my laptop he kicks it so hard and sometimes right off my lap! He army crawls if you lay him on your stomach on his stomach, he will army crawl right off.

He makes the cutest faces, and I love getting him out of bed in the morning because he will talk and coo then as soon as he sees me he does a big coo and has a smile like the one you see very top.
Oh my baby, I could kiss your cheeks 5000 times over and over again.

He has a craaaaazy blue vein in between his eyes right over his nose, he also is getting the bluest eyes.

His hair doesn't seem to be growing but it looks blondish red to me most of the time.
He has the greatest muscle tone and his little body is rock hard especially his little arms.
Sometimes I see Brad, sometimes I see some of my little brothers, sometimes he even looks like my cousin's little boy to me. 

I love his little rolls on his legs, they just make me crazy. 
I always kiss the bottoms of his feet really fast over and over and he giggles and giggles.

He can sit up!!!
Briefly, then he tips right on over. 
But I can feel it is near.

He loves us to hold one hand while he stands and jumps jumps jumps.

He will jump with both feet and think he is the greatest.
He doesn't like his boppy anymore because he can't look around. If I put him on it he grunts and tries to lift his head up. He loves his bumbo and just chews it while he looks around.

Oh man that little roll hangin over the diaper is the cutest.

This face is my favorite one he makes, it makes his cheeks all scrunched like a little gremlin or something. 

Drool is our fav right now, we just drool our shirts soaked, don't we little baby love?
I have found that my vocabulary has drastically changed.
Let me give you an example.
Cold is now coldie.
Wet is now wetie.
Nose is now nosie.
Cheek is now cheekie.
Lip is now lippy.
Tub is now tubbie.
Surprisingly binkie changed to bink...
thats strange that I change all non ie words to ie words then the one ie word I change and take off the ie...I'm a wierdie. 

Most used nicknames: Mr. Miles, baby boo, love, baby love, cutie cheeks, sweetie cheeks, sweetie heart, chunky munk, drooly pants.....

Oh I can't wait for my friends and family to get a load of this handsome hunk for the first time. He is just such a blessing in our lives, and one time I was home alone without Brad and him and I just felt like I didn't have my little buddy with me. As much as my life has changed-can't go anywhere without lugging my baby boo- I am so lonely without him. Even when he is taking a nap, if its longer than 2 hours I am just waiting for him to wake up because I feel weird without him. (But trust me on those days he won't fall asleep or takes a 30 min nap I am a disaster, so for mom and baby sake, we NEED our naps). But he has just become my best pal, and I one day realized it and was like- BRAD!!! How does your MOM not CALL you every single DAY!?????? I don't know how I am ever going to let MILES leave my HOME when he GROWS up.

Luckily, he is only 3 months old. So we have awhile!
Thank goodness!
Happy 3 months to my sweet babe.
Feels like yesterday I held him for the first time.

Oh gosh here I am tearing up just remembering this moment.

He is just a little treasure in our lives.
And how lucky and blessed we are to be so happy with Miles.
Bring on month 4!

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Brad said...

wow that postie was really funnie and cutie. love how bink is now our word for binkie