Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The time has come!

It is flying by! Can I just hold on to the little moments where he puts both his feet in his mouth and goes crazy chewing, can I hold on to him yawning and stretching just like a big person, can I just remember the little moments where he makes his frowny face and starts to cry when he is sad or scared.

Its going to fast. He is changing everyday, its like I don't even notice it. 
Then I look through pictures and just start to tear up. Where is my baby going??
He's a big boy now.
We made it through the chicken pox. I am pretty sure having a sick baby is something that could just wipe anyone out. Not to mention Brad had a test the same week. So Miles was barfing, coughing, blow outs, crying, not sleeping and I was just holding him round the clock. My little sister had the chicken pox over Christmas break, and supposedly breastfeeding babies aren't supposed to get the chicken pox.
Well Miles got em, and Parker (Miles' cousin) who is one month older than Miles and is also breastfeeding got them as well.

I have been putting this post off...
Because if I post it, its real.
It's like he is growing up.
And my heart can't take it.

I just need him to stay little forever.

He sits up so nicely now, for several minutes before he topples over!
He also slept through the night 3 nights in a row! So we will just keep hoping that happens!
He talks so much and loves chewing on his feet and hands. He makes Brad and I laugh all day with his sounds and talking and drooling.

I have loved watching his little personality develop, he screams/yells when he is ready for nap or food, and he still LOVES taking baths with Mommy. He lights right up and smiles and coos when you start to sing 5 little ducks.

He still has a piercing stare that makes you want to just eat his little cheeks. (Notice the CHICKEN POX-above eye was the worst one, and below lips never scabbed because it was under constant drool. It looked like a jaw breaker when you suck through the layers, layers and layers of skin in a circle)
He loves his Sophie Giraffe and any chew toy. He fell out of his swing and off the couch because he has become a complete wiggle worm. He is always kicking standing sitting and going. He never just holds still. The only way I get anything done is to Bumbo him in the same room I am in, and put a million little toys around him or put him in his little swing. He HAS to see what is going on, or he will let out these little yells over and over again.

Our favorite time of day with him is in the morning, we pull him out of his bed and into ours and just play and talk with him. He is so smily and talkative in the mornings. The other morning he woke up at about 8, and I was lazy and just kept laying there, and I woke up 2 hours later and he was asleep!
I must have let him talk himself to sleep!

Some days I just spend hours playing with him and holding him and he sits on my lap while I read on my computer and then I am just amazed at how our entire day went by and all we did was cuddle each other! He's just that cute guys!

Looky looky Mr. Miles is sitting up!!! When he tips he has started putting his hand out to catch himself, or he gets tired and bends all the way and puts his face on the ground.

Mom-I look like a sick baby because these chicken pox have made me droopy eyed!

When he is laying on his belly he uses his arms and scoots backwards! Crawling here we come!
He was flippin over from belly to back a long time ago-we have yet to conquer back to belly.

Things I am thinking about as he grows up:
Will he be a crazy active toddler like he has been as a baby?
Will I ever be able to transition him to his crib? I like him too much.
Am I going to be this attached to my next baby or will I get over the mom jitters?
Will his personality be more like Brad or mine?
Will he be immune to the chicken pox-or will we have to go through that all over again?
Will he ever be annoyed that his name is in the word milestone? 

Update in the Clark household:
Brad is still in med school.
I started a preschool with my friend Carissa. 
I was hired as a substitute teacher here. (Yet to take on a job)
I am constantly organizing and cleaning-in fact I just went through a box labeled JUNK that I hadn't unpacked yet. Found quite a few things I had been looking for. Took me 6 months to unpack that box, just keep putting it off.
We are still happy as ever and Redbox movies for fun here.
We organize fun things to do every weekend with friends so we can stay social and happy.
And if you think I am on top of everything and just a perfect wife, mother, and person you are very wrong!!!!
My sink is full of dirty dishes from yesterday.
My laundry has been piling up for a few WEEKS now-yes clean laundry-I find clothes to wear in the basket.
I shower twice maybe 3 times a week! (SAY WHAAAAT GROSS)
I watch hulu when I could be doing-dishes, laundry, showering.
I exercise every day for 3 hours-NOT!
I have disagreements sometimes with my husband that leave both of us unhappy and unresolved. NO YOU DO NOT!!!????
I get frustrated with my sweet baby, and sometimes I grit my teeth and grrrrr.
And I have a to do list of random odds and ends 6 miles long. (I will never be able to hear/say/write/type the word Miles again without thinking of my handsome)
And so....with all my laziness/bad housewife. I leave you because I am not a perfect person, nor a perfect wife or mother.
In fact today I threw a mini snickers to Brad and it bounced on the couch and hit Miles right between the eyes. So we had a screamer for a few minutes. I'm an awesome mom.
 I feel like at times when reading blogs and even back reading on my own I think.....wow I always portray how happy I am and if you don't talk to me in person you probably think my life is just pure and utter bliss.
So I wanted to clear things up for you.
I am human, and I do cry sometimes, and I do make mistakes, and I do get lazy. And I may be making bowties for Miles from my husbands ties, but I am here to tell you-my dirty dishes and unfolded laundry are just hanging out while I do that. I am NOT supermom superwife superwoman.
And if you are that person sit down and eat a snickers because you are probably the most tired and busiest person out there.
But  in rebuttal to my own rant-I love my husband and baby more than anything, and I love our life and I am so grateful for all of my blessings, and I am trying to strive for perfect, and I am trying my best to be an amazing wife and mother, even if that means the dishes sit for a few days.
And on that note-Happy Four Months my love!!!!

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Jaelynn said...

Hey, this is Alan Branch's wife Jaelynn! I think you commented or something on my blog, and I forgot to pop in and say hello, but I somehow found yours again! Your little guy sure is darling! Hope you're all doing well!