Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Time with Brad's Fam

Well, I waited for this break since moving to Lubbock, and it was over before I knew it.
Of course we drove, despite that we have 15 free flights Brad refuses to use them because -I don't mind driving Brit-Well listen here puppy, I have to be Mrs. Climb everywhere when we drive and I wouldn't mind dropping the trip from 16 hours to 3 hours!!!

I pump while driving, then give Miles a bottle. Poor baby stares at the mirror and Sophie the Giraffe the whole time, and actually he sleeps more than anything on this trip. But, for my sake-I really want to fly next time.

 But, like I said, I had been looking forward to this trip, don't get me wrong I love Lubbock and all, but I really wanted to see my family (and I consider Brad's family my family so its together on that one).

Miles had not see Grandma Rachelle in a long time! Since he was 2 weeks old!!
Also, it was time for Miles to go to Utah where he spent most of his gestation.
We stayed at Rachelle's and Chelsea and Alex live in the basement-which is like another apartment-where we used to live. 
We spent the break eating out at restaurants, hanging out with friends, letting Grandma-Chelsea-Erica- watch Miles while we went to movies, grocery store, ice skating and just had a grand ole time.
It was nice to have people who love Miles so much just WANT to watch them. I miss that here. I miss having family that WANT you to bring your child over so they can adore them all by themselves.
But, it also makes your family appreciate you when you are there, and miss you when you are gone.
Christmas was so wonderful, Gordon and Rachelle had a big live tree, and I LOVE live trees, they bring such a good energy into the room.
May be the fact that it is a Christmas tree-but...hey I love the smell as well.
 Its weird how Provo felt-like we never left.. Like it was still home.
We blessed Miles the first Sunday we got there.
Brad gave him a beautiful blessing, and I once again was reminded at how lucky and special I am to have him in my life. And those are just words to some of you, but when you have a baby, those words will mean everything to you.

Gordon and Rachelle. Rachelle is Brad's mom and Gordon is her husband, so we say-step dad.

At first I thought Miles got his squinty eyes from Brad, but this picture proves they are from me.

Christmas was good to us. 
We were Rangers fans before moving to Texas because Brad grew up in Lubbock (1 year) and Dallas till he was 9 or so. He can remember falling asleep on the bleachers at the Rangers games, while it went into 18 innings or something crazy like that.

We were spoiled in the clothes department.

Brad received quite the gift from Lindsay.
A hanging blow up shark head.
Everybody needs this for their hunting collection.

We tried really hard to help Miles be interested in his first Christmas...

But he wouldn't have it.

Brad and I know how to party around Christmas time.
You HAVE to be festive. And we may have spent too much on those once a year sweaters.
But his actually looks good-mine not so much.

Somehow Rachelle forgot to wrap mostly all of Miles' presents.

He didn't care, he just stole the party anyway.

Brad's grandma Diana spent Christmas with us she came from California, and it made me cry how much she adored Miles.
It was so sweet for him to see his Great Grandma.
She battled breast cancer and is a strong survivor in remission, bless her heart we just love her so much.

I think this was Brad's favorite gift from me....He couldn't guess what it was because it was disguised, and his fav candy is Twizzlers, and if you know Brad he is a diva when it comes to candy, chocolate milk, pizza, and all things that go in your mouth.
He loves things that are good, and boom I did it! I made him happy on Christmas morn. 

After awhile we sent him to his Bumbo to watch Christmas from afar.

Then Chelsea heard him yell yell yell and saved him from loneliness. 

In Brad's house there is a balcony of sorts, and I love this picture-kudos to Gordon for taking most of these pictures.

Lindsay has come a long ways. She is Brad's sister getting her PHD at Southwestern in Dallas in  Molecular Bio-Physics. When I first met her and she heard a baby cry she would say- UHG shut up that screamer. Whenever we were around kids she would say-Let's get away from these kids!
Now she is holding Miles!! Look at that progress. Plus she saved him one time when he was screamin his lungs out because we couldn't hear him when he was taking a nap.

Then we put together a good ole breakfast.
 Grandma Diana was quite impressed. She kept saying, "Wow eggs, and waffles!"

On Christmas day we took a trip to see temple square.
Grandma Diana had never seen it around Christmas time, and boy it was beautiful, but to be completely honest....I was so worried about Miles freezing-it was difficult to enjoy to its fullest.
Oh the joys of being a first time mom.
Hope my child isn't spoiled Sperry. (Is that a name? I couldn't think of any other name that was alliteration brain lapse-great now I'm thinking of them like crazy-Sam, okay just Sam)

Why these people chose to ruin our beautiful family picture I'll never know.  Jk I don't really mind all that much.
Happy family! Gordon missed out because SOMEBODY had to take the picture with his GIANT camera.

Now this is what you think it is....4 Generation picture! 

There we go, now I know it looks like I am pregnant with our 2nd child, but actually that's a lot of crap in my pockets.

Now I feel better about my lack of posting, but for the record-when we got home I was so sick, lifting my head felt like 1000 pounds, now Miles has the chicken pox and pukes on me and cries every hour of the night, not to mention it took me until yesterday to be completely unpacked. So for those of you who thought I was supermom-I'm not.
(I really don't think anyone thinks that)
So stay tuned for more posts about Christmas as I have not even skimmed the top of the picture bin.

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