Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pee your pants

So, we had a little Christmas dinner in Standrod, that wasn't on Christmas.

We decided last minute to dress up in old prom dresses.

This looks like it just happened so easy....
But it took some serious man power to get those dresses on.
Echo kept saying, "Ya this is how it fit me when I went to Prom, I remember."
Sally kept saying as Tiera was zipping her dress, "I know it fits me, just keep zipping it."
I just completely knew my old dresses were not going to fit my 12 week post baby body/nursing chest.
So I went for the stretchy top dress: after a few failed attempts at other dresses.
You see with 8 (7 that have graduated high school) girls in the family that makes a lot of dresses we would own.
2 Proms, 1 Homecoming, maybe a few other random things.
I know I had 3 Prom dresses in my high school time. So 3 times 7 is 21 dresses.
Whoa sounds like a movie.
After Tiera spent much time pulling and stretching and pulling and ziiiiiip finally got it up.
Then it was like Moses parted the sea and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pop!
That zipper exploded in half!
We were DYING laughing.
Looks like it still fits Sal Pal!!
She wore a different dress, and Mom was not very happy we ruined the zipper by squeezing her in.
Foreshadowing: Not the only dress to be defiled that night....
But she did insist she was the same size.
We tried to console her telling her that your bodies change from 17 to 22.
Plus she is more muscular from being on the track team.
She took it okay.
The boys dressed up as well...

Ian took it quite seriously.

Landon and Brad put on their formal white shirt and tie.

And we all had quite the feast.
My little brother Ammon who is autistic...
thought my dress was so fascinating. 
My dress had little sparkles on the chest...and I do have nursing chest right now.....
So clearly he was very intrigued...
He came right up to me and rubbed my chest, and I knew he was just in it for the sparkles, but it sent the table into hysterics.
Echo was trapped in and couldn't get out fast enough to go to the bathroom, so she just down right peed her dress.
Mom was VERY mad about that one.
Everyone else was DYING laughing and after Ammon stopped and went on to something more exciting like stealing Brad's plate of food, he came back again for more rub rub, and by that point almost all the girls had run out of the room to pee their pants....
So we had quite the night.

Miles just wore his jammies, and Brad did his hair so handsome (uhhhhhhhhhhh Creep master).
And I'm pretty positive Brad wore a shirt and tie and sweats.
Can't ever get him out of those.
That sounds bad.
In Standrod we went to church.
Which is in Almo, Idaho.
Which is where the famous City of Rocks resides.
I spend most of my time in Mother's lounges at church.
Either feeding Miles or trying to get some peace and quiet and get him to sleep.

But he never falls asleep in there because its so bright and I'm too creeped out of church bathrooms to turn off the lights.

But we are back in Texas now, and while it snows and snows in Utah, it just blows and blows here in Texas.
I am going strong teaching Preschool with my friend Carissa and it is such a wonderful thing because it gives me a chance to plan and have something academic to do.
Brad just studies and studies in the office in our house.
Which is nice to have him home and I try to consolidate all the times I go in to interrupt him.
Like: Hey want a drink? combined with: I gotta grab this. combined with: What time are you going to be done? combined with: Me sitting on his lap while Miles sits on my lap. combined with: Hey I gotta go get the mail, watch Mr. Miles for a second. combined with: What did you get me for Vday last year?

Sometimes I just send him a quick text if its a meaningless interruption.
Sometimes I post on my blog instead of doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning, and mopping.

Valentine's Day is coming!!! Do you have your present all planned out for that special someone????

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Stephanie said...

So, so funny!!! What a fun time with all those dresses. Great memories for your family, for sure!