Friday, August 1, 2008

Day Three. Meet Hans Ian.

Is that? Ya..its probably jam. Raspberry? Hmm...

(before picture) 'Brit! Stop throwing jedi knights into the LAVA!'-Ian after creating this Lava flow on our kitchen counter. Oh the jedi knights? They were cut out paper figurines colored to perfection.

'huhhmmm (trickle of giggle), can you see me?'-Ian

Child model for Gap? Probably, but shhh don't tell how my family makes money!

He was dirty. Arms. Not clean.

Okay so I think I got a bit carried away with Lad. But come on he is so freakin delectable. SHHH about Lad, this is Ian's turn. So its Hans (family name that I love) Ian and he is a character of all sorts. Later I will post a video perhaps to show you his personality as I would NEVER be able to define it on this. He is full of action. For example, at church, at home, in the car, at the rodeo, at funerals..he is doing star wars/power rangers/ superman..and anything else you can think of actions, and drawing their pictures, and making up songs. I for one prefer superman. But Ian just lights up everyone's day with his charm. When he was a bit younger he would set up a 'stage' on our fireplace..which is pretty large and probably about a ten foot long platform for him to set up his drums, guitars, and whatever else he has mustered up and he would put on shows for us, neighbors (the very few that we have, like 1) and home teachers. He would sing anything from Elton John's Crocodile Rock, to Jingle Bell Rock. In my mind is his little face squinched with his eyes closed singing, "CRY ROCKIN, SCREAM AND SHOUT!" (Benny and the Jets). He is too smart for his own good, and Sally is his best friend. I tried to make this short for all you lazy readers. But Meet Ian. Or if you want him to yell at you call him Hans. (I like doing that)

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