Sunday, May 12, 2013


Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day, and get so sleep deprived and exhausted that I forget to enjoy the little things. Lately I have been trying to be so absorbed with my family, and putting my little Miles first. I try to play on the floor with him for as long as I can. He is getting so big and smart.

I have officially taught him how to high five. It's really hit or miss. He will see my hand, smile and hit it many times, hitting it and missing it (that's not what I meant by hit or miss). Then sometimes he will see my hand up, and he will smile, then grab it with both hands and pull it to his little mouth to chew on it.

He also has started standing up by himself all the time. (He turns 8 months this week!) We also realized that when he is not getting what he wants...he bites his hand. (Mom?) That's what my mom does when she is so mad and yelling at us, (when we were younger, I am sure she does it to my siblings still at home) she bites her hand through her yelling and grits her teeth. Kinda funny. Love you Mom. And Happy Mother's Day.

We had a fun time at the pool with some med school pals. William is a week older than Miles and he's got the rolls to prove it!

They are such cuties.

Abby is William's mama and my dear lil friend. You can see William is sinking the ship here.

My little cheeky has become pro at gliding across the couch. He speed walks to get to papers, computers and cords. He loves the end of my mac cord and pulls it right out and chews on it. It gives a little buzz feel when its plugged in. So I know why he likes it. Charges him. Muhhaha I'm so funny.

I have been giving Miles pancake scraps, and Brad smelled the leftover pancakes after 4 days and they smelled rotten. I have been feeding my child rotten food. AAAAAhhhwesome.

I love his progress. At first he just fisted these into his mouth, now he has started doing the good ol' pincer grasp. His eye is presh in this picture. Just cracks me up how concentrated the little dude is.

He started this thing, where he was waking up at 6 AM. And it was killing me. Because I go to bed at midnight or later. I know I'm retardo. But I have this thing where I CANNOT go to bed without Brad. Even when I was teaching and so tired, I would lay with him on the love sac while he watched TV because he wasn't tired and I would go to bed at 9 on the love sac, and sleep there till midnight then transfer to the bed with him. Hence why I CANNOT sleep without body heat next to me. Hence why while I was in Utah I ruined Miles and had him sleep with me every night. Hence why when we came back he would wake up 20 million times because my boob wasn't hooked to his face all night.
That sounds gross. But boob has become a word of my vocabulary. And its a mother vocabulary.
I heard my friend Stephanie say, "I now talk about poop and pee so openly."
And I just wanted to say but didn't because I overheard it, and thats mother vocab.
Anyway, Miles has been kickin my trash lately. So last night I went to bed at 10ish, and Brad was studying in bed because I wanted him to be by me. (Mind you I can sleep through anything and have fallen asleep standing up while one of my Kindergarteners made a comment-I was pregnant) So Brad usually handles the baby monitor and I just fell right to sleep. Miles seriously is on a wake up every 2-3 hours schedule, so I fell asleep expecting to be woken up in 2 hours. And I know I just need to let him scream it out but I've been putting that off because we have a lot of travels coming up and I know that will just mess him up and its not worth it. Anyway, so I woke up on my own at 3 AM. I was freaked out! Miles should have woken up at least twice by now. So I made Brad go check on him, because I was so scared something bad had happened. He hasn't slept that long in ages! Brad came back and said,   "Sound asleep." I thought.....that is the weirdest thing in the world. But I fell back to sleep.
Then I woke up at 4 AM. And by this time my boobs were bursting with milkies. 
Like hurting me so bad, I couldn't lay on my side belly like I normally do.
So I went and checked on him. Sound asleep.
Back to bed. 6 AM I went in and took him out of his crib and fed him because I was really having some boob hurting problems. I don't even think he woke up.
 I was thinking there seriously has to be angels keeping him asleep or he is like deathly ill or something.
So I went back to bed and woke up at 9:00 AM and went in his room and he was just crawling around like he had been awake forever.
I was SO confused at this point. I said into the monitor, Brad can you hear me!!!?!?!
And then I walked into our bedroom and asked if he heard me....
We just went the entire night without hearing our baby.
His eyes were so puffy and swollen in the morning.
Our little baby screamed for who knows how long and how many times in the night.
The monitor was turned down REALLY low and we didn't realize it.
Maybe we just sleep trained our baby though?
Blessing/miracle in disguise?
I felt so bad and still do.
But he is resilient and still loves us.
We checked on him from 3 AM on though and he seemed like he stayed asleep at that point, and maybe when he woke up this morning he wasn't crying but just talking and entertaining himself which is okay too.
But on the flip side. I slept from 10-3 AM straight. Who KNOWS how long since that has happened. Pre preggers for SURE. I just wake up so much now, even if Miles doesn't wake up, I wake up to see why he isn't awake, or I think I hear him, or I am worried about him. 
The woes of a mom.
So happy Mother's Day to me.
5 straight hours of sleep, and I felt SO GOOD!
We will see how tonight goes....
Did ya know, that my sister Sally had a track meet in Houston and by golly it took my parents A LOT of work to get there. The car had to be pretty much REDONE before they could come, and they left on Friday, and Sally ran on Saturday and Sunday in Houston. It was her LAST track meet EVER. So it was importante. (If you don't read that importahnnnntay-get off my blog and work on your spanish)
Anyway, on their way back from Houston they stopped at my house for a nights rest.
I set up the air mattress and Sally crashed the couch and I walked in to the room in the morning and my dad, my mom and Faith were all spooning. And I thought....we should have given them our bed. What were we SINKING!!!! 
But it worked out.
I walked in to Miles' room after awhile and Faith had pulled off ALL my board books and her and Miles were just having a little read together.
Faith just makes up the words as she goes along, and actually she is quite accurate 90% of the time. But Good Night Gorilla...has no words, so she was 100% on that one.

Miles loves other kids. He is so entertained by them.

He somehow becomes the mellow one for a minute and watches them bounce off the walls for awhile.

He loves Faith, she entertains him well. We always remind Faith of how hard she cried when she found out I was having a boy. Now we ask her if she is still sad and she says, Noooo!!!

I have this little vintage horsey, that I bought because my grandma had one and I LOVED riding it when I was little, and Faith was talking to it, and feeding it, and it entertained her for quite sometime. 
I loved having my parents here, and my mom surprised me I didn't know she was with my Dad, I thought she stayed home this entire time! 

Miles has been sleeping in our room because of a few reasons lately, #1 I got the worst vertigo from my plane trip, and seriously it was freaky, I would stand up and collapse on the bed because I couldn't orientate myself. And my head was always spinning. I had to lay down like 50xs a day. And not to mention it came with some serious nausea. 
So we put him in our room so I could keep him close, and I broke my toe, and he was waking up too much and I was too lazy to put him back in his crib and just tossed him in his pack n play at the end of our bed. ANYWAY. He will be yelling for awhile and we will peek out to see what he is doing and he is barely tall enough to see over the pack n play, and he is on his tippie tippie toes trying to see us, and grabbing the pack n play with both hands and white knuckles wanted to see us so so so so so bad. Then if we make eye contact he starts breathing hard and smiling and jumping. How can we even say no to you little munchkin sweetie attack?!

We had quite the mound the other day, and Miles thought he was king of the mountain on this pile. Right after this he crawled off and face planted. Too steep.

This night he was overly tired, and I mohawked his hair, because guess what friends!!!?!!?!??!
We are getting hair!!!
And he looks like a gremlin in that picture.

All these toys were neatly put away in his basket, and this took him seriously 3 minutes.
This right here, has been dubbed.....The Miles Tornado.

And here he is in all of his crazed foaming mouth self.

Hey PS, my friends and I, threw a baby shower for my other friend Alexa.

She is having a sweet baby girl named Olivia Mae. 
That is adorable as heck name. Love it.
I made the banner, Abby and co made the tulle pom poms.

Carissa made the cutesy baby bootie party favors. Abby cin rolls, and parfait. And I made the table labels.

I forgot my camera though, so these pictures are stinky.

But we had an absolute blast spoiling Alexa.

In my opinion, every pregnant woman should be SPOILED ROTTEN.

This is all of our friends together. We have quite the crew. I am taking this picture, then....

Emma and I switched out....can you find me?

We are so excited for Alexa, and I have no idea why we didn't stand up straight. I had on heels (with my broken toe which hurt-but guys I wanted to wear those pants and they require heels because can you see them? They STILL cover my feet with 5 inch heels on) And I always feel bad if I am towering over people, so I crouched okay!
Well, we are Laura, Abby (husbands both 2nd year med students) Alexa (hubby is 1st year med) Me-and you know Brad is 1st year med, and Carissa, her husband 1st year med as well.
Soon to be 2nd years!!!! WAHOO!

Brad was so great to me on Mother's day. I should have milked it all week, but I kept forgetting.
He allowed me to play in my soccer game last night. Although I wasn't much help due to the toe....just mainly a running fiend. And I iced it for like 2 hours after to dull the ache :(
Anyway, last night we were making spaghetti for dinner and I said, "Ya I was telling my friends, if we had guys who would just get us a manicure, pedicure, and massage for every gift that would be ideal. I mean just get one on groupon there are always tons!"
He then said, "YOU STINKER!"
I laughed and hugged him after realizing that IS INDEED what he got me....
He heard my inner pleads.
I just love sitting in a massage chair and getting my feet rubbed and pampered.
My first pedi I was 18.
I STILL haven't gotten a manicure.
And massages change my life for awhile.
Love someone to rub my back for an hour.
Anyway, so that was my gift that I unintentionally guessed.
And....then he made me breakfast, did the dishes and laundry, and dressed Miles for church (hence why Miles was barefoot).
So, Mother's Day was wonderful.
He also pushed me into the bedroom (this sounds like I am going to go somewhere you don't want me to go with this next line............but keep reading because you have to know what happened after he pushed me into the bedroom right? I'm overboard but AM I that overboard?)
.....and told me to take a nap.
So I fell right to sleep and woke up and came out after 2 hours thinking he was dealing with starvin marvin Miles, but Miles was still sound asleep, so we were both golden! 
He has been such an amazing man to me lately even despite the fact that he has a test tomorrow. 
So he just bursted out of his dungeon (what we call his study room) and I said, "done?"
And he said, "Ya."
Wahoo, now we are off to test the monitor so we don't let our baby scream all night again.
Happy Mother's Day, and love you moms out there.

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