Monday, May 6, 2013

We took a trip...

Well, my sister graduated from UVU and my other sister was going through the temple. So I decided I wanted to be there for both. My sister Sally was valedictorian, and she gave a wonderful speech at graduation.

I was so so so nervous about the flight to SLC from Lubbock. Miles, he does NOT hold still. Ever.
Church is long and difficult to keep him still. So I was worried the flight would be full and I wouldn't be able to bring the car seat on the plane. Well the first 2 hour flight from LBB to Vegas, he soothed my anxiety and as we were taking off...wahllaahh Slept the whole way.
He started drifting at take off...So we both got a little snooze in. He woke up when landing..where I almost vomited. So much turbulence. So much that I bought a $3.19 sprite in the airport. I was that desperate. 

Our flight was delayed and we already had a hour and 45 minute layover, so it became a 3 hour layover. So you can imagine the fun we had for 3 hours. Luckily some random girl started talking to me and we were able to kill a good 2 hours of it. I don't just take pictures of us at every point in our existence, but I have snapchat which I do with Brad, Echo, Sally and Erica and sometimes Heather. And I have been snapchatting Chelsea for months, then I asked her if she got them and she said she deleted it a long time ago...awesome, completely rejected. So a lot of these pics are ones I saved from snapchat.....If they are a bit fuzzy...snappin. 

We met Grandma for lunch at Kneaders in Saratoga Springs. And...they were matching and it was so cute!

We did a little shopping after that, Chelsea got Miles these adorable glasses. Now if I could just get him to wear them for more than 5 seconds.

We visited Ikea, where we got dishes and a high chair for Grandma to keep at her house. Uh, Chels and I using our own products :). Oh didn't you know, we had a baby wrap company, made lots of money then stopped...haha we are true entrepreneurs. (I can't even spell that word).

Chels and I went for dessert and Miles didn't stay asleep, but then Grandma got him out and I came home to this. So adorable. Sometimes he likes to be cuddled. And we savor those moments.

Miles loved his new high chair, and its the only confinement we have at Grandmas!

 On the way to the park after Graduation, I smelled Greek Yogurt and thought....shoot.
So I got Miles out, and sure enough poo up to his neck. So we stripped him down, and he always turns his body completely sideways and tries to crawl away. So here I am by myself trying to contain him and the poo. I was wearing a silk white shirt, so I was precarious. We waited at the park forever, but it was nice to finally have green grass, so he just crawled around....but he was wearing a onesie, so he didn't touch his knees on the grass....bear crawl.

Miles is such a social baby. He will let anyone hold him and he loves his Grandpa.

The first time he saw grandpa he was 8 weeks old, and he just gave him a huge smile. So Grandpa thinks he's the fav.

Landon is good with all kids, but I feel like Miles and his son (name unknown) are going to be so close, because Landon and I are so close. 

My friend Julie (and everyones friend because she's awesome like that) came to the lunch and we reunited. 

My friend Erica watched Miles while we went through the temple for Echo. Miles was great and loved Rookie. I knew Miles would be an animal lover, like Brad is, and I was when I was little. Once I was holding our calico cat up in the air, and she went diarrhea all over me. And I didn't even care. Now if that happened to me, I would puke right back on her. I was a cat lover, now I'm an allergic mess, and I remember being itchy and sneezy when I was little and not caring. 

I woke up early to go to the bathroom and looked over and Echo and Miles were snuggling.

Yes Miles slept with me every night in Utah. I was lonely. But I'm paying the price now...because all he wants to do is cuddle with me at night.

He loved hanging out with the Richards. Prepping them all for babies. (Hint Hint)

We spent so much time with our Skinner cousins. The girls LOVE Miles and fight over who gets to push him. When Halle was pushing him, he went off the sidewalk and I caught him just in time before a big tip over. That would have hurt. We were walking to buy cupcakes and lemonade and the lemonade wasn't even touched...too sour.

We were at the bookstore and they were all so cute in the elevator.

Miles started to cry when the door closed because one second I was there and the next I wasn't. Ha! He was so tired 99.9% of this trip. (As was I-I only called Brad twice bawling my eyes out because I just needed a nap).

No matter what, I will always love BYU my friends there, and how much I learned and grew, and my job of course!!! (BYU operator)

We visited Costa Vida and of course everyone fights over who holds Miles.

This is a snap chat goodie. I don't know what the Utah Water did to my hair, but I loved it and I hated coming back to this chlorine infested Lubbock water.

Summer had fun playing peek a boo with Miles.

He thought she was so funny.
She has baby Parker who is going to to be best buds with Miles- one month apart. He was snoozing this whole time.

I used to work at Hokulia Shave Ice, and I needed Miles to experience it first hand. This is his first taste of shave ice face.

Gotta go with my fav, Li Hing Mui, and Blackberry. Puke in my face Bahama Bucks, and can someone please buy a Hokulia franchise and put it here in Lubbock.

Of course Stef and Clint gave us free ice, and gave me a Hokulia shirt, like I had never left. I probably will put in some hours when I go this summer, just for fun and reunion sakes. 

Sally even syruped her own. I was lazy.

Miles made lots of girlfriends. Miss Ali. You may recognize her from Ellen, or maybe American Idol...she's a star.

Maddie and Miles, they could be siblings. Look at those eyes...matching.

Echo is up there for fav aunt award, Sally tries to win it, but Echo and Chels are top competitors. 

I took every shower with Miles in the bottom of the shower just playing with his toys.

He came out with red and swollen eyes and some clear sinuses. 
He loved it, and the first thing I did when I got home was take a shower alone.

Hazel is for sure the most in love with Miles.

He just doesn't feel the same way...

Yet. He will soon.

You can see why Sally isn't the favorite aunt, and why Greg (her fiance) swooped in and may be a contender with Landon for favorite uncle. Although, Landon will always have the 'taught Miles to crawl at 6 months card'.

Greg and his Miles to giggle giggle.

Hannah my sister has four girls, and she is pregnant with a boy! Finally! Jk, its a girl!!!!
5 girls! 5 adorable girls. Maddie, Molly, Halle, and Hazel, and baby Savannah I believe in the tum tum.
They all love Miles and he loves them. And he looks like a toddler in this picture.

This was his favorite place to go at Grandma Rachelle's house. We had to clear out all of her decorations for him. Baby proofing. He would take all his toys up there and just play and play. He only pulled the cords out a few times.

We hung out a lot by ourselves because everybody went home from my family, and Brad's family went to California. I thought I was going to have an awesome vacation with everyone by staying a long time, but really I just cut a lot of work out for myself being a single parent. But Chels convinced everyone to drive through the night and spend the day with me my last day, so we shopped it up at the Park City Outlets! Thank you Grandma, for the first time in years I spent nothing and went home with oodles at the outlets.

Miles LOVED Doodle the kitty. They spent a lot of time staring and playing together through the glass. Too bad Mommy is so allergic to cats and didn't want to chase Doodle around in the house.

Sunday was my cousin Mykah's birthday, so I made a cake from scratch (thinking Rachelle would have a cake mix...but she didn't) So I had to scrounge for the ingreds. (Sorry Brad and I abbreviate everything, and acronym everything. He just said to me, I am going to have a B.O.C. and I said, "Bring your own cup?" And he said, "No Bowl Of Cereal". Since Bowl of Cereal was harder to say, and took less explaining than B.O.C.? I think we do it for the fun, and not for the time saving aspect. Because it actually takes more time trying to figure out what each other are saying.

Gately loved Miles, and he loved here. I caught them staring into each other's eyes.

We met Dolly (my mom) in Ogden and hit up the DI, and Costco for lunch.
We scored a Piano and lots of Play food for 2 bucks. Too bad I had to leave it at Grandma's because my bags were packed to the limit.

We stopped by Aunt Echo and Sally's apartment and Miles spotted a guitar and of COURSE had to play it. He strums and strums like Daddy. And ironically enough this is actually Brad's old guitar he gave to Sal/Echo.

Then we went wedding dress shopping with Sally, Gate, and Mykah, and they had huge mirrors for those vain brides to stare at themselves and Miles thought he saw a friend right away and crawled as fast as his little chubby bunny legs would take him to the mirror to visit his friend, himself, in the mirror.

Sal look gorg, with all the dress selections. This one was 900 unaltered, and it was beautiful but.....not modest, and modest is the hottest, and mainly we don't have time to reschedule the wedding to the beach instead of the temple, just so she can wear this beaut. (Joke).

The highlight of the trip was def. when my friend Julie and I were going to hit up Happy Sumo 1/2 off night and then Miles vomited everywhere. It was like the worst I have ever seen him vomit....and so ya I was drenched in throw up, and so was he, and it wasn't fresh milkies, it was old and stinky.

And my arm and pants were drenched.
So we took a group shower, and went to bed and Julie brought me In N Out instead.

We woke up the next morning together at 10 Am. Notice his tousled hair and lines on face. This is when you know he slept like a rock. And he did. Woke up once I think. So tired.

Erica and I visited Trendy Xchange where you take back your clothes for cash. And Miles just wanted to recline and watch TV.

He is growing up SO SO SO fast, and I thought it was so sweet how he just chilled on her. He loves her. Erica was so nice to us, and took us around, and watched Miles, and even gave us traveling presents. She's a gift giver. Love her.

Miels and Chels had some piano time before we hit up the outlets.

Favorite purchase was the Lucky store, who knew they had a kids section. We got Miles a Fender Guitar sweatsuit. SO adorable, and SO fitting for us.

We hit up Maglebys Fresh to finish off our trip. Miles and Uncle Alex bonded. (He refuses to have uncle in front).

I got the French Toast, it just sounded good at 9 PM. And IT WAS!

The park city load! Thank you Grandma for giving Miles a wardrobe!

Once again I stressed about the flight back, but luckily both flights were not full so I took the car seat and he SLEPT both flights the ENTIRE TIME! Lucky us. I slept quite soundly on the 2 hour flight because I had a whole row to myself and you better believe I stretched that seatbelt out and got COOOOMMMMFY! (Sound headphones, when he falls asleep I REALLY don't want a screaming baby to wake him, so I slipped these on and we were golden!)

When we first get on the plane he LOVES looking out the window. I laid him down in his carseat without buckling and looked away and looked back and he had climbed up to see. So much like Daddy, loving the window seat!

He is such a good traveler and I am SO blessed!!! 

Such a fun trip, was so exhausted when we got home!
We rushed to my indoor soccer game where in the 2nd half with 14 minutes left I kicked the ball and the girl kicked the opposite way directly into my foot and my toe was killing. But I kept playing and I knew it was bad, it hurt too bad to just be a sprain or bruise. We scored a goal and ended up winning, so it was worth the stay in, but the next day Brad and I spent at the insta care, and found out it is in fact fractured. And I've got some displaced cartilage. So real serious :) They wheeled me out in a wheel chair, and I was trying so hard not to laugh, especially since I walked all over before I got there, and I just limped around. I am getting better and can walk with no limp at all. My other toes are pickin up the slack. So no more anything for me for awhile, but I may try to hit up my last soccer game this Saturday. Shhhh don't tell Brad. I'm trying to think what exercise I can pick up now....NOT SWIMMING AGAIN!! Maybe biking? Anywayzzzz

Time has been flying by and we are just starting to love being in Lubbock. And surprised that we only have 3 years left here. But don't get me started on maybe having to move, when we planned on staying 4 years here. Uhhhhhhhhg.
But don't get me started on that drama.
Welp, I didn't load any of my camera pictures, just all cell phone pics, just because I'm lazy and since I have google + when I take a pic it automatically goes to my google drive, then I can just click and its here on my blog. SOOOOOOO easy. Who needs a camera card or a hard drive anymore. Golly jolly I love it.
Well believe it or not, Miles is almost 8 Months. So by how busy this week is.....that may be my next post. More fun to come!

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