Monday, May 27, 2013

Family time...

Chelsea Brad's sister was visiting Dallas-so we decided to make the drive to see her.
Despite Miles puking and puking all night Thursday.
He didn't puke all day Friday (except in the morning before we left) so we thought we were golden.
Then we went to the Rangers game. We took a bus.
Miles was thrilled of course.

We got there and asked some one to take our picture.

We then asked a Detroit fan to take a picture of us in the light :)

 I sported Brad's oversized Rangers shirt. Between Miles and Brad they have about 30 Rangers shirts.
We loved it. It was like we were just meant to be there.
At home.

These have been seriously the best purchase ever. Noise cancelling headphones. Amazon. 12 dolla.
They block out most of the sound so its just a hum. And he would freak when the crowd would go crazy, then we would just slip these on and he was calm.

He was a tired, wiggly worm the entire time.
Miles does not sit still, nor does he EVER fall asleep in my arms. Hence why church is a nightmare.

But we managed to get a lot of, Oh he is the cutest, oh he is just a doll. They didn't say that after he vomitted SO much milk and applesauce all over Brad and I. We left right after. I couldn't help but just laugh.

It is just crazy how many people were there. Someday we will be able to afford better seats.

Miles keeps his hat on really good though. The trick is to put it on, then immediately distract him..then he forgets about it. After much rocking and snuggling and wiggling and shhhhhhing.....

We got him to fall asleep for a few minutes.

Little tired sick babe. This was pre throw up.

Brad looks stoned, Miles looks scared, but the firework show afterwards was so pretty!
(New clothes: post throw up)

We hung out in Lindsay's apartment instead of traveling to Houston with Chelsea and Lindsay because Miles needed to get better. He took 3-2 hour naps. And that means Brad and I did as well.

We just played all day.

Then they came back and the next day we went to a cool outdoor restaurant in Dallas.

We thought it was going perfectly. There were doggies for Miles to look at and play with.

He wore his shades for a total of 5 seconds.

Lindsay and Brad.

Me and Chel.

They had these mister fans, and Miles LOVED it.
This is right before Lindsay said, look at him...
We looked in his stroller and he had diarrhea all over his back, and all over in his stroller.
Well we are just having a hard time huh baby Miles. 
So they had these outdoor bathrooms and Brad and I went into the womens and Brad held Miles hanging while I stripped him and used about 30 wet wipes to get it all off, then we dressed him in his spare clothes and I pat myself on the back for always packing spares when you don't think you will need them, then I spent the next 10 minutes scrubbing out the stroller. It was bad, Brad said, "Should we just throw it away." Hahhaa, Okay Brad, I know you hate poo, but it does come out!

This is post diarrhea. Poor buddy, I don't think anything stayed in his tummy, and he lost 3 pounds from this bug.

Daddy and Miles, and aunt Chel walking back to the car in nice Dallas weather.

Here is my Hamburger. So many layers.

We got home from Dallas and kept throwing up and had runny poo for a few days.

And this meant Miles would let me hold him for longer than 1 minute. And it also meant that I changed his clothes 4 times a day from poo and puke, then he was usually naked after the 3rd time.

Then we started feeling better and helping daddy play some music.

But we learned some new whining techniques from that sickness. And a new sad face where we scrunch our eyes and whine and grunt at the same time. And we learned how to throw things when we are mad. 

But bath time is still a favorite time of the day.

And we are healthy again! Healthy and busy and happy. And my favorite thing is how he can ride this without falling off, and he can pick stuff up from the ground as he is shaking back and forth on this little horsey.

Brad set a reminder in Siri that May 23rd was 50 cent corn dog day at Sonic. We didn't miss it and ordered 10 corn dogs. I haven't had heart burn since I was pregnant. This....gave me heartburn for 24 hours straight.

We have started going to parks more now that it is hot and our little guy needs to be worn out before he will sleep. So we walk and walk and talk and talk and it is nice to just be forced to have conversations about everything. And we just walk and walk and keep walking because Miles doesn't make a peep, and we can just rekindle our communication. 

Miles loves the swing, and especially loves to be tickled while being in the swing.

Brad's last day of class is Friday, so we are just winding down. 
Spending so much time together.

I think Miles has officially written me off as a parent.

He always wants his dad.

I mean....he still only wants me for milkies.

But oh how my sweetheart is growing and changing.
He can play pass for a long time at 8 months! I feel like it is a cool thing. And he throws everything now that we want him to throw the ball and do it with him so much. He just will pick something up and throw it and think that he needs applause for it.
He loves bathtime. And chewing on everything.
The other day I said, "Whats in your mouth sweetheart?" He grits his gums down and won't let me open, then I pry them open as he screams and hits my hands away. And out came a little cockroach. Not the first one I have pulled out of his mouth. 2nd one. And today Brad told me he saw him putting a moving one towards his mouth and he stopped him just in time.
Oh the life of a bug eating baby.

Oh yes, I have been busy with baby showers. That's part of my sanity here. I just plan parties, get togethers, dinners, and have a blast. But after being here almost a year, I have really grown to love all of our friends here. And I really like being here. This is such SUCH an improvement from 9 months ago when we moved here. But it didn't help that I had just had a little baby away from family.
Now we are going to Utah for Sally's wedding!
Then on to Georgia to visit Mike and Janeen. Then home for awhile then on to Utah again for Fourth of July festivities.
Stay tuned for so many wonderful adventures of our little family.

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