Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brad's Birthday and Big Storm

We had a huge storm in Lubbock last night. It was unreal. House sounded like it was going to come down from the ice and hail hitting us in all directions. 80 mph winds and rain and hail and very loud! It was Brad's birthday and it ended with a bang literally. We just wanted all of our friends and family to get a little taste!  So GO HERE to see the storm video I took. But now some birthday pictures!
I did a little decorating, and made a cake-all a surprise while Brad played Bball with his friends in the morning.

Our activity was to go golfing and that was a surprise as well so I told Brad to be home at 7:55 AM because we had something to do! He didn't get home until 8:15 AM. He didn't think it was a scheduled thing. So I tried not to be too mad and we made a new tee time for 10:15 AM. 

He is all nasty in his sweaty bball apparel. 

But he seemed happy to be spoiled. He insisted that there was NO party and NO friends involved. But every birthday needs a cake. So I made a Texas Sheet cake, which he ate some for breakfast and he is eating it right now straight from the pan. Must be good.

I got him some new golf balls, which he wanted to return because he only buys used nice golf balls. But I told him its okay to feel like you have nice stuff every once in a while.

Miles is forever hating the camera and I can't get a picture of him with his eyes open to save my life. He now just closes his eyes right when he even sees me get the camera out! Haha!

He was happy as ever to celebrate with daddy, and Miles got dad a spiderman toy ball thingy. Miles thought that would be fun to play with dad since he loves all types of balls (there is no good way to say that he likes balls).

We tried several times to get him to keep his eyes open.

I think my present wrapping was cuter than Brad expected, he was just in awe at how adorable it was. Jk he didn't even notice.

He was mostly bugged at how hard it was to get into.

Chel got him a Rangers shirt. I decided to stray from Rangers gifts this year. Since I over did it at Christmas!

The best gift of all was the yearly book I give Brad of what happened our last year together. I started it a few years ago, the first time I gave it to him for Christmas of that year, then I was delayed and gave it to him for Vday the next year, then this year I am REALLY delayed and I gave it to him for his birthday. June. Yikes. I think I'll try to get it done earlier next year. But this year was so full of fun that it was 100 pages long. Yikes. 

He loved it and read the entire thing. I had been working on it since January. A lot of work for me, but so worth the journal aspect.

Miles just thought he was in heaven. And his eyes are open because I didn't use a flash.

He loved loved LOVED it.

Then we got all ready for  our tee time.

You probably didn't know I was capable of golfing. I am sub par, (no pun intended with the use of the word par) but I did take a golf class, so I am not completely clueless.

These two are just cute as can be.

Miles was so so SO ready to golf.

We vetoed his nap and said lets go have a BLAST.

And we did. It was just a little windy.
It was fun trying to golf with Miles. He was perfectly content even though he missed his nap. When we putted we sat him on the grass, if you look in the distance you can see Brad as a speck putting.

He loved being out in the sun. He is a future golfer for shure!

He didn't try to crawl around on the grass while we were putting, he just chilled and waited and watched us.

I was semi worried about stray golf balls pelting him, hence why I tried to somewhat protect him by sitting him by the cart. But we were lucky and no fours were yelled.

He loved helping drive, and one time Brad handed him to me while he was driving and he just yelled and cried, then I handed him back and wala. He was happy.

He is so curious and had to watch every single thing.

It was super windy-see his bink flying in the wind. And we watched a tree fall right in front of us on the cart path. Yikesy scary.

Brad got out and practiced his swing.

Little did he know he would be shooting par today.

It was because Mommy and Miles were there.

And we are chill and don't give him any pressure.

Miles said, "Par or bust!"

"Uh Mom, should we go back and get dad??"

Brad reaped in the birthday benefits. Notice the ear plugs. Brad has been using the same ones since 1 year at college. Like 2006. And he said he found those. So.....super gross.

Such a monumental monument for such a monumental guy :)

Brad clearly ate that for breakfast.

Daddy just wanted to watch the Rangers game after our nap which was after golf and relax.

We did hit up the grocery store later because I hadn't been since our trip to Utah, so we were living on pretty much no food.

Brad is now 26, and to make the day even better he is almost done with his 1st year of med school, (takes his last test Friday) and he golfed PAR!!! Wahoo!! And I golfed under par. No big deal. Jk, Brad makes up all my scores. :)


Scott Griffin said...

Your photos of your kitchen look like the apartments in Lubbock that I looked at a little while back. I got dejavu looking at those photos.

Erica Tanner said...

The pictures of Miles with closed eyes are so funny. Also love your wrapping ;)

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