Friday, October 3, 2008

Brittany+Dentist=Three teeth gone.

Awake. Advice. Dont be awake when they rip your wisdom teeth out of your brain.
When in pain. Advice. Dont grab the Dentist's arm when he is pulling on your teeth.
Rite Aid. Advice. Dont go to Rite Aid when you just got three wisdom teeth pulled and really want your pills so you can stop being in pain. They take forever.
Tools. Advice. Do not skip the dentist, no matter how bad you hate it, for more than a couple months...def. not three years. Or you will have seven fillings done in the same day as your wisdom teeth are being pulled. Oh and tools. I set the record for how many people could be watching, how many tools could be in my mouth, and how many sweat beads were trickling down my back.
Hours. Advice. Try not to make an appointment at the dentist for more than two hours consecutive. Def. not three hours.
Floss.Advice. You know, just floss all the time. That seems to be the solution.
Blood. Advice. Do not drool on the Dentist's counter a strip of blood. Its embarrassing. And they have to disinfect it.
Awake. Advice. Really dont be awake. Because you feel your mouth pool with blood. Your tongue is numb because you had 16 shots throughout your mouth, and a couple more after you grabbed the dentists arm..but just dont be awake.

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Kristie said...

Sounds terrible. How are you doing today. Let me know if you need anything. Milk Shake:)