Friday, October 3, 2008

A taste of scraps.

Explanation: I love to make cards for people. Never have I documented these card makings. I love to make books for people. Never have I documented these either. My sister inspires here to see summers makings. Scrapbook professionals inspire me. Now I will show you what I made.
Quick Brief on the Card
It is for one of my dearest friends in the universe. Benj.
He is taking the Lsat. I prepared this card for him..tonight..I started at 10:15PM. I ended at 12:46 AM.
He hopefully will not read my blog in the morning before he takes his test.
I dont think he ever reads my that shouldnt be a problem.
Man that would be terrible if he saw the card on my blog before I even put it on his doorstep, for him to receive minutes before his test that determines his life.

there is a sentence within the card..ill help you...benj..
Benj relax....
here is my interactive part. .. . you open the card and pull this thingy out....benj relax bcuz. (because)
inside relax bcuz you.. comes
just open the card...and see.....benj relax bcuz you
are...........benj relax bcuz you this is taking FOREVER
M! Benj relax bcuz you are M...which stands for..
marvelous, mostly all brain, mortal and most important, my favorite
heart brit. Love brit. Normally I write inside the card..but this time....I thought he isnt going to want to sit and read a card...he might not even open it. Ha, we will see.
Finale. I should write a book about the steps in making this card. choices. Choices. this ribbon, no tear it apart, re glue, re do. ddldldldlld I made my letters YOU because I didnt like any of the lettering I had. :) see that stitching....needle and thread :) there is also some more zig zag needle and thread by the 'are'
You thought I just whipped this out. . . . .. .... Messes do occur. Enter my room at your own RISK.

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Berkeley said...

Sexy scraps. How did the teeth pulling go?