Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am craving the sunlight.

I wish it was summer.
I was looking through my facebook pictures. Honestly, to see if it looked like I had gained a lot of weight lately.

Which the scale says I have.

After I went to Boston at least.

Now I eat a bag of carrots for lunch in order to rectify what I have done.

We ate out three times a day, and I ate like it was all you can eat buffet every time.

Winter months storage.

Seriously Brit.

So thats what I am thinking about right now as I plan for tomorrow's dime lesson which I am getting observed on.

I am going out there with my outfit.

A button up from gap with ruffles, its a blue light stripe long sleeved.

A cardigan button up that is brown from gap.

A pair of brown stretchish gauchos from who knows where, my mom bought them for my interview for my BYU operator job 4 years ago :) JCPenny maybe?

A pair of darker blue tights, but a bright dark blue, with boots....

I was thinking a messy bun for hair do.

Now that I have bangs I am so adventurous.

Watch out, the next day I'll wear my zebra print shoes.

I just told you what I am wearing tomorrow.

I have issues.

Today I made Alfredo with fettuccine.
With wheat bread cut in triangles broiled with mozzarella cheese butter and garlic salt on top.

I was so excited for Brad to get home and eat.

Then I tasted the alfredo. It was old and sour.

I had already warmed it up and been ready and waiting for Brad to get home.

Plan B

Cooked some sausage that is straight from a pig my dad had killed, so it has very little grease juice...and its delish.

Brad showed up.

Tasted the alfredo for me, cuz I said I was on my period and things taste funny to me when I am on my period...

He said it tasted like I put lemon juice in it.

I didn't

So I continued with the spaghetti.

Threw in some yummy sauce from the storage of sauces.

Realized it had black and green olives in it and big chunks of tomatoes. Yuck!

Realized I didn't have enough sauce for all the meat I had.

Needed tomato paste....or sauce..
Had none.

Threw in Tomato Soup.

Threw in some water.

Became too runny.

Threw in some sour cream.

Sooooo good.

So so so so sso so so so good.

I recommend fettuccine with spaghetti sauce with sour cream and a bit burned bread with mozzarella and garlic salt and butter.

Now Im back to eating a bag of carrots at lunch.

Oh and last night Brad said to me...

"I want a baby."

I said, "You do not."

He said, "Yes I do"

I said, "Right now."

He said, "Ya."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "No not really right now, but I really want one."

I told him we have to wait a few years.

He frowned.


Crystal said...

I can't see your hair. Have a baby soon.

Karissa said...

I love your cooking adventures. And the way you describe them. Sometimes when I read your blog I think "man, I wish I could write in my blog how brittany does." Seriously.

And Brad just wanted to make love ;-)

And I want to see your hair.

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

i wish my husband would say that!!!