Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I keep trying..

I keep trying to share videos with you but for some odd reason..

I'm delayed.

They are delayed.

Upload problems.

Today we had a small incident.

One little girl came to me and stood next to me until I was not talking to someone else.

She then said, "Um...Ryan (fictional name) wiped a booger on my chair, and I really don't want to sit on it. He is so gross.

I said, "Okay what if I got a clorox bleach wipe and wiped down your chair, then would you sit in it?"

She said, "Well, we don't really know where the booger is."

I said, "Well what if I wipe down the entire area?"

She said, "No, I don't, he is disgusting. Can I just be by you?"

So I wiped down the entire area, and said, "Oh I just saw the booger. I got it. You should be fine now, and Ryan, don't wipe things on other people."

I handled it like it was second nature. But now when I think about it, its funny.

My eye hurts like its some freak accident.

Unexplainable, but I don't sleep at night, and I blink with pain.

I told Brad I can't think of a more reoccurring pain, besides if it hurt every time I took a breath, versus blinking.

He offers the usual, "I'm sorry".

I'm going to Boston this weekend.

Spur of the moment decision that's for sure.

Brad, me and his mom are going to visit his sister who works at Harvard.

I can't wait, the weather insists upon freezing weather.

I am giving a lesson tomorrow in regards to Martin Luther King Jr. the freedom activist, talking about how we all are different. But all of us are white, so I gotta work on something besides race.

I'll think about it, most likely all night, and usually I run it through my head eighteen times.

But I think that's what teachers do.

Today my teacher's doctor called her. She has a torn meniscus.


One little girl calls me Mrs. Clock.

Another calls me Mrs. Clarks.

At least I have graduated from 'teacher, teacher'.

Well, as the month flies by I try to remember to serve others.

As that was my new year's thingy.

Its going pretty well so far.