Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brittany loves...

In the heat of Vday...
And Vmonth.

We made hearts that said....Brittany loves....then they wrote whatever.

One young lass wrote, Amber (not real name for safety reasons) loves Jesus.

Another girl wrote, Lucy loves Heavenly Father.

So Brittany loves...

Brad. First and foremost I love this being of flesh.

You know he thought I was crying today but really I just cut the onions for the sandwiches I was toasting in the oven and he said this when he walked in....
"Babies (he calls me that some times, its like calling me babe isn't enough of an expression to tell me that I'm all he ever wants and more, he has to call me babies)...are you okay? whats wrong why are you crying?"

I assured him it was just the onions.

He said while grabbing my chin tightly and tipping it toward his freckled face, "Are you sure, you can tell me."

And as my heart melted onto the floor I just said, "I promise, even though I cry every other day, today I am not crying."

So there you have it.

My number one thing...

stay tuned for more things.

Ps: Student teaching is becoming more awesome and harder everyday, next week I lead teach. Pray very hard for me, and all the ADD kids, and all the other kids too.

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