Thursday, February 4, 2010

Next love...

You know today was a good day. I taught sight words by playing popcorn bingo with them....
"Can we eat the popcorn??"
"He ate one!!!"
"Popcorn has no nutrition"
"Popcorn can cut your throat"
"Today is the best day"
"Listen to Mrs. Clark so we can eat the popcorn guys!!!"

I decided today I love traveling and I can't wait to get out of Utah for a graduation trip.....

seeings how that is coming a few months.

Yes, I believe traveling wins the battle for next thing I love... These aren't in any order, don't worry your pants off, I don't love traveling more than the gospel or my family or God.

Don't you worry.

I'm just doing a general list...

My family will make it sometime...
Boston was a nice travel trip...The beach was nice. I like the chilly air on the beach, makes me feel like I have this connection with the beach.....beaches are supposed to be nice and warm and make people happy, but sometimes they don't want to, sometimes they are sad, and that's how I feel sometimes.
This statue at Harvard. Harvard was nice, lots of old buildings...worth the travel.
But mainly this pastry shop was worth the travel. Seriously, I loved it. Loved it with much passion.
I also believe the best place we went to eat was Regina's Pizzeria. Artichoke hearts never tasted so good. I wanted to put this in my pocket and bring it home for all of you, but..........I decided I couldn't keep smelling it in my pocket so I just ate it to save myself from hours and hours of torture as I travelled home to you with it in my pocket.
The subway became a traveling thing we I took advantage of the time to work on my face for my next model shoot.

What? You didn't hear that I was a model...well yes I am...

For the 'Next top Model Teacher' Show....

What? You haven't heard of it??

Just wait, you will. Its a big deal.

Stay tuned.

Ps I still love my first love that I posted about earlier.... (Brad) He is sleeping next to me now....
Breathing in and then out as I drape my legs over his warm body...

Jack Johnson sings to us in the background and I can feel the potsticker noodle residue on my teeth.

This week is Dental Health week...makes me want to floss more.

I'm bad at that.

A dentist is coming tomorrow to talk to us (kids) about how to brush their teeth.

I imagine me in my classroom and having Brad coming in and talking about surgery to my Kindergarteners. . .

Now we are going to watch this video, oh look there is me putting a new kidney in him....

I can't wait till my kids pull their daddy into meet the parents day at school and Brad has freckles and so do my kids, then they see me and say, "Well now we see that _____ got his freckles from his dad." Then I will say, "No, look closely here on my nose, ya come up a little closer I have some.." Then when they get real close I will say "RARRRRRRRR" and jump out and scare them.

And say, "Ya you are right....good guess."
Stay tuned.

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