Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My sister is getting married.

To a mister this weekend.

We love the mister.

He is quite handsome.

It's weird though, because I have always thought that she was role model, my example, but now she is older than me and getting married.

But trust me...its time.

I tease him that he just wants citizenship.

I don't think he thinks its funny.

He may laugh and then quickly and abruptly and awkwardly change the subject.

"Ahhhahaaa funny Brit, anyway how have you guys been"

That sounds like him. Actually just like him.

But, I love my sister Brooke, and I don't think I would treat him nicely if he didn't treat her nicely.

I even bought him some nice lingerie for him.

Actually she wears it, but let's be honest...its for him.

And her because she likes black and gray. Surprisingly she is wearing blue in the above picture, but thats just because we were on a hike, and she didn't care about the shirt, therefore proving my point of her liking black and gray.

Gray. And our friend Julie.

Wow, I was surprised to see this hat with a touch of pink and red, but gray scarf and dark blue jacket that looks gray, and gray scarf. Told you so.

So she is getting married.


In Salt Lake.

I love her to death and am going to her bridal shower tommorow.

My goal is to get her to wear lime green....

Probably a dead goal already.

HA, joke, she always looks classy :)

Ps..I know you want to see this picture of me at ruins in Huancayo Peru.

Duh....I knew you did. Check out that blue sky. Wish we had one of those lately.

Loves....... My trip to Peru.



Cutest thing ever today, the sweetest little girl in the class was telling me about how her and her sister share all their clothes except birthday clothes.

I said, "Oh that is so nice of you."

She said, "Actually we do share birthday clothes, and my Grandma told me that when Jesus sent me he didn't send one mean bone in my body."

I said, "Amen to that."

She really is the most selfless person I have ever met, and she is five.

That's inspiration.

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Lisa said...

Thanks Brit. It's the little girls in Layton who died of the pesticide poisoning. They are my sister's nieces (her husband's brother's family).