Monday, February 15, 2010

They did it!!

We have been happily married for 233 days. Holy Smokey Bear. Thats a long time. Didn't even know it went by so stinkin fast.
Cutting cake. Oh so delish cake. We have it on our kitchen table right now, Brad saw this picture and ran to take a bite. Pudding in the middle and perfect icing on top. They didn't shove very much I was completely disappointed.
Sisters, sisters, better stay away from those misters. Whatever all of us have a mister now but Sally, Echo and Faith. Faith better not get a mister for at least 18 years. My mom made our scarves and the little girls skirts. Mama's got Talent.

Well didn't I marry the most handsome man ever? This was in the waiting room. No worries Brooke only took an hour to get ready, maybe she cried off her make up. That's what I did.

The ceremony was beautiful. Brooke was beautiful, her dress was beautiful. Aaron wasn't so bad himself. But mostly I love hearing the wedding ceremony, reminds me of mine, and how perfect it was.
There was a dance party at the reception. Faith was so tired but she wanted to dance. Brad was the danceaholic. I rocked out for hours, got sweaty and tired.

Baby Ashtyn and aunt Raquel were so tired after all the dancing and eating and standing. Hannah made the adorable headband.

The wedding festivities are over, and the long weekend is over, but I finally feel like I caught up on sleep. I love naps. Love love love love love sleeping in till ten. That's all going to end tomorrow at 7 Am.

I took two weeks off of work so I could focus on lead teaching, I am so grateful because working nights would bring me to tears every time I left Brad. Its like I go to work all day, then I come home eat in thirty minutes and go to work again. So it will be nice to have a break and finish my Teacher Work Sample. Oh ya, didn't work on it one drop this week.


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Tosha said...

Oh my baby! I love her so much. Love you too Brit.