Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out South

So we drove south...South to the Cedar Hills...or more like Cedar City Utah to the Utah Summer games.

As sisters we didn't win one game.......

That's to be left unsaid :) But it was fun, and I loved playing with my sisters and spending time with them. Faith needs to grow up so she can play. Maybe she will seal us a win.

We went to Vegas on our anniversary which I explained our hotel experience earlier.

This here I think we are eating at Pampas :) A Brazilian grill that doesn't hold its own next to Tucanos. I did like their bar though.

I heard this rule that once you get married, sins don't count? Am I wrong? Hmmm...its a thought for everyone.  I asked for rare, because the meat just was too done for me. Then this maggot filled raw piece of meat was slabbed on my plate.

Brad said, "You know its too raw if Brit won't eat it." 

He was right. I wouldn't eat it. They cooked the outside and that's it.

The middle smelled like I just thawed it from the freezer. To give to my dog. I didn't want to leave with a poison from food. FBI. Food Bourne Illness.

Wouldn't that be wonderful, "Happy Anniversary BLAHHHHHH Brad."
The Blah was a throw up.

If you didn't catch that. 
We went swimming. We took some scandalous pictures of me in my bikini. I have this rule where I can wear a bikini if nobody else knows me but Brad. Its a good rule for us. But I'll keep this blog safe for your eyes. Cuz...that might be too gross for you.

Woo Brad...lookin good. In this trip I got so much sun oil on my glasses, now no matter how much I wash them. Still smudged and oily. Oh well it was well worth the tan.

We also went to PF Changs...twice. Uhhhh so good. So out of our budget. But so good.
We accidentally got free lettuce wraps, as I believe I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post.
Our room was quite nice. I loved the toilet. Who has a black toilet. I know I plan to after this. 
I know its creepy to show the bed on honeymoon or anniversary trips, but I loved this head board, it was so soft. had this fancy lighting all the way around.
We loved our trip and we were so happy Brad's car made it the entire way.
We have had a rough week this week.
My car engine blew out (I may or may not share those details), its still a little sensitive.
I didn't get the job I was so excited for.
And I stopped working at info (something else I am so sensitive about.)

But through it all, I think being jobless, losing my car, and not getting a job, are devestating to me but are so minor in my happiness. It was depressing and hard, we had long days full of tears (for me, not really for Brad). We had an amazing fourth of July, We went to Brad's aunt's house for the stadium of fire fireworks, and I  helped Tosha at her makeup booth. 
Monday we went to Brad's other aunt and uncles house the Nemrow's where we ate barbecue and watched fifty great grandkids hit pinatas. It was quite devastating for some, and very victorious for others.

Guess what!!??!? I have so much time on my hands, that I cleaned the disaster room. So if somebody needs a twin bed to sleep on, I got it, and a clean room. :) Also, I tutor two boys, and yesterday we made the world from Playdoh. 
Ya his North America is a circle, but that still counts right?

He was a little more specific about his world.
I thought this would be a good way for them to learn the continents. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Heber City Farmer's market to sell all natural skincare. You know you wanna come up!!

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I have the same bikini rule.