Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too Much

Sometimes life gives me too much at once. Or do I plan it all at once? Last Friday we had our ultrasound.
Such an amazing experience. It became more real. Then we had Brad's graduation. Then I gave him a present I have been working on for months. Then we had his party/bbq/gender reveal party. Then we ran a 5k the next day. Did I plan too much?

I think it was a little much for me, too many huge life experiences. But I loved every minute of it.  I had 1 small breakdown at his graduation. It all was because the surprise present wasn't working out.  But it all worked out PERFECTLY, and thank you Landon and everyone who made it possible. Now I have been reasonably mellow during this pregnancy, now I wonder if that is because I was in a sick coma the first 16 weeks, or because my mood has just been mellow.

So much happened in that one day. Its like 7 blog posts all in one. So I decided to capture a few highlights, and not write a book about it, because I really could.

Our ultra sound was at 8 AM. We had Faith with us, and afterwards she said, "How come we didn't get the baby out?" She really thought we were going to look at the baby, and that meant take the baby home. We didn't find out what the baby was, but we did find out the baby has long legs :)

Here we are walking away from the hospital. I feel and look water logged. :) Or food logged, because I have finally started eating some meals :)

Yay Bradley. We both have made it.


Faith was so sad it was a boy. She said to me before, "If its a boy I won't come to your house to play anymore. Boys don't play with girls." Then she burst into tears when she saw it was a boy.

I was surprised, I was sure it was a girl. I am so happy its a boy. I can't even tell you how much I want a mini freckled Brad.

 19 Weeks
20 Weeks
I feel like I just popped right out this 20th week :)

And this whole experience has been phenomenal. He actually just punched my stomach and Brad and I saw my stomach move up, just wait, you think its corny and silly for me to be amazed by this, but if you have a baby move inside you, you will relate to me.

And..I bought this today

Oh yes, I got Brad this and so many people chipped in to support me in this purchase (THANK YOU). He was surprised for once in his life. He was positive he saw little T******** in the ultra sound, so he wasn't even really surprised by it being a boy. But this, this got him. But, this video is hard to tell what it is, GRAND PIANO KEYBOARD! My favorite part about it, is he records a piano, or violin part to a song he loves, then he plays back the recording, as he plays the electric guitar to it, he has just been hiding all his talents :)
Oh Brad, I love you. And I love that you spend SO much time playing this now.


Karissa said...

You look so cute with a little preggo belly! And I'm SO excited you're having a boy! Boys are so much fun. You will love every second of it! (especially if you teach him to not cry when he falls. hehe)

Natalie said...

So adorable! I'm so excited for you and Brad! Love to hear you're doing well and that you have a baby inside you! :)