Monday, April 9, 2012

Watch out!

So, its my spring break. I figure I have ZERO excuses to not post on my blog. Because guess what!?!!??!?!

I haven't puked for a whole week!! And I feel great, besides tired and want to take a nap at every minute, and sometimes I just have to sit down, even at the grocery store.

But, I did it. I finally feel like I have a little bump, so we took some pictures.
I know everyone takes pictures once a week, but I seriously didn't feel like I had anything until week 17. So here ya go.
Here is week 17. Huge I know. I feel huge. But black hides everything right?

Week 18, Brad said, "You know that black is hiding your stomach." Then he said,"lift up your shirt Brit" Which is of course a daily sentence for him. He has this dream that I will just ...never mind, not blog material.

So there you go, and you may think, wow she looks great for being 18 weeks pregnant, but you havent seen the front view, wide. WIDE. I am just going wide. It's bad. I'm trying not to become a total hefty cow, by working out regularly, but I still have gained 12 pounds, and I guess that's normal (doc said today) but, gosh I feel like its ALL in my chest. I can't control them. I need a good strong hefty bra, and if you know where to get one (VS is just out of the question, I've already maxed out my VS bra, not strong enough) let me know!
Do you see that line on my stomach??? That is where my skirt would zip up, so I lost about 8 inches of length, and it barely hit my knee at that point, but I at least got it on! With a line of bruise to show for it!

Well I felt like I wasn't myself for 15 weeks, now I feel golden, besides the sleepiness and pass out all the time feeling. So we have just been busy bees since I started feeling better. We go to the park almost everyday and throw the baseball to each other.
This is actually Brad and Tiera, Landon and T have been coming with us a lot lately. 
We also started a new thing of sand vball. 
Way too fun.
Landon spazed and hit the ball in the tree, we worked up some cheerleading stance to have T get it out of the tree with a baseball bat.
Brad is in heaven pitching to everyone.

I made PF Changs lettuce wraps for Easter. I was a little stressed because Brad wouldn't hurry and go home from baseball so I could finish making them, but it all worked out okay and I ate 7.

We had a little easter basket search, I got to hide the baskets, and I got Brad this book which he had been wanting. You can see the wideness :)

We had no idea that branch was in that position until after the picture because it was PITCH dark outside.

Yay!!! Hunt for your basket!

Brad kept begging me for clues, I hit his completely inside a huge bush.

He found it!!!

Yay!!!! Chels and Alex found it!

 We also hit up the Thanksgiving point Dino Museum easter weekend.
I try really hard to not look pregnant, but it still happens.

This dino was the supersaurous. They couldn't think of another name for this dino that doesn't even fit in my pic.

How does his swallowing work for him?

Update on life:
I had two doc appointments today, derm to get rid of my ever expanding blood vessels on my face, he burned them away. It was a needle with heat and it felt like a shock.
Then the OBGYN where they took some tests, we checked for the baby's little heart and everything was great. He couldn't find it at first, and I panicked....thinking,  Oh goodness that vball dive I did, totally smashed the babe, then he found it and I laughed OUT LOUD! He said, "Are you happy about that?"
I said, "Yes I was scared!!" He laughed.

Then we scheduled my ultra sound for April 20th, in which we won't find out what we are having, but will give the sex to a girl (that sounds way bad) let me start over.
We will text her the gender, and she will make a cake with the color of the frosting in the middle pink or blue of what I am having. Then at Brad's grad party we will cut the cake!!

Brad graduates! YAY!
We are still waiting to finalize our decision but we pray the right thing will happen.
And tomorrow, to take a break Brad and I are spending a night in a hotel in SLC, gonna hit up the new city center and the temple. And of course Bruges Waffles and Frites :)

I'm excited for this day tomorrow...Happy spring break. And let me know if you want a grad announcement for Brad ;)

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Kys & Tess said...

Um...I think your preggo pictures look sexy! Brad is one lucky daddy to be.