Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking Back

I've been working on projects today for Mother's Day and Birthdays, and I have been going through SO many photos. It makes me sad that we used to print photos and have albums. I love that. Not computer albums. Also, I attended Jeff Heaton's wedding ALL WEEK, ha he had something every night, so it reminded me of my wedding. Going through my pictures I found a few prize winners. All from my reception in Provo back in June 2009. 3 years goes by SO fast!

 Me with all of my sisters/sis in laws/ and nieces at the time. My mother in law made all of their skirts. I still love the color scheme, but I would probably do it different now, just because I already did that one!!
 I love these pictures of Brad and I, at the time I thought they were cheezy but, we were cheezy. We were SO happy together.

 All the girls getting married now have vintage beautiful creme, special dresses, I wanted traditional wedding. So I got it!
 We had a big chocolate fountain set up for our food table. Now I would totally serve a dinner or something, but we were so happy with what we did at the time, and I loved every minute of that day.
 These are my parents, they don't look especially happy to go through another wedding, but 16 kids probably stresses anyone out :)
 This is my Grandpa (mom's dad) and my dad, I just love my Grandpa he is so inappropriately amazing.
 This is my sister Echo, I am fascinated at how long her arms are, and this is my little sister Faith she is throwing, who was just barely 2 at the time.
 Here is our cake fiasco. Step 1.
 Step 2.
 And the damage.
 It got all over my dress, but once again I DID not even care!
 I think I had more nieces than this....but hmm dk.
 We forgot all about a garter, so our friends made us one from the ribbon on the chair and we just did it!
 So young and innocent. Funny that most of those friends behind him are now married.
 He got it!
My mom and all of my sisters, plus one little baby Hannah has because she wouldn't leave the picture! 

I love going back through pictures and memories. They happen too fast, and I am really trying to savor this little baby coming!

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Natalie said...

I love your wedding pictures. You are SO GORGEOUS! You're going to have one gorgeous baby. Woo!