Monday, June 4, 2012


So my little sister Echo had state track where she set all these personal records and impressed all of us.
If you click on this picture and blow it up, you will see Echo's straining face. She is in the blue, getting third. 

We were so proud of her, I can't remember what she was supposed to get, but it wasn't third. Like 5th. Such a fast runner girl!!! Yay Echo!

My little brother Lad only wears under armor shirts and basketball shorts. My aunt told him to go change into clean clothes, and he just put on a different UA shirt, and a different pair of BBall shorts.

My little sister Faith seriously ran around the entire time. Thank you everyone at the track meet for not stealing her.

Echo pooped out.

Yay I got another medal.

Echo with my dad. Sorry Echo, eyes don't always need to be perfect.

OH geez, eyes again. Sister Sally and Echo

Just wear sunglasses then you won't have to worry about your eyes! Me and Echo. She is taller, no matter how tipee toe I go! (notice my little belly, 24 weeks prego!)

Brad did NOT want to miss the Champions League Final, and he didn't and his team (Chelsea) one in penalty kicks, and he got to see Echo's last race! He was such a good sport. I love how he supports my family, even if it means driving 12 hours in 24 hours :)

Now you see I come from a big family, but not all of us are here, but from left to right. My mom, Ethan (Brother), me, Brad, Chandler (Brother), Ammon (Brother), Nana (Dad's mom), Papa (Dad's dad), Echo (sister), Brian (my DAD), Lad, Faith, Sally (siblings), Ian, Landon (Siblings) Tiera (Landon's wife) Grandpa Burke (Mom's Dad), Amanda (Tanner-not pictured's wife) Jemma (niece) Summer (sis) and AJ Summer's hubby.

My high school is ultra small, one hall way, and we asked the Math Teacher, Mrs. Steed (she was everyone's teacher and she actually is retiring) if we could rent out her room for this celebration party for Echo after graduation. 

Brad wore a baseball cap, tshirt and bball shorts to this.......Oh well I wore my hair in an ugly bun.

This is Echo's ENTIRE graduating class singing 'Don't stop believing' 
Brad always spends the entire time laughing at my school, and my school heritage.

Here she is on the top row because she is taller than most the boys.

Welcome to Idaho folks. This guy is a great guy and I was impressed by his tan.

Yay!!! High school is officially over!

Right after this Echo won a vacuum! We knew she was Valedictorian for a reason!
After this, we turned around and drove right back to Utah. I did my report cards in the car. Blah! Glad that is over and now I can just chill on the couch Monday mornings instead of rushing out the door with a cereal bowl in hand.

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Erica+Matson said...

that guy's tan line is CRAZY> My mom died laughing at that one when I showed her.