Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh My Heck.

The last month seriously took me by the neck and drug me through it. May was CrAZy! We went to Cancun, Echo had state track, then we turned around a few days later and drove back for Echo's high school graduation. Echo is still 6 to me, begging to come with us everywhere. Pretty soon she is going to get married. Time flies.

We spent the majority of our Cancun time on the beach, playing Volleyball.
We did go snorkling. And don't worry, finding a maternity swimsuit was a real challenge. But most of the time my big belly wasn't hanging out! Snorkling was so fun, we saw a big sea turtle, and a baby stingray and A HUGE stingray. So fun.

If you can't see, I got fried, the very first day we were there.

This is many sleepless nights and an entire $16.00 bottle of Aloe Vera Gel.

The beach was beautiful, and I loved spending time with our friends Heather, Kevin, Lacey and Gavin.
I missed four days of school, but it was MORE than worth it.
I got home from school and of course all the behavior problem children had relapsed something serious, but all it took was me coming back to fix the issue. Glad I didn't know of the troubles while in Cancun, it would have just made me sleep worse.
The sheets were already made of plastic and smelled like old cheese from all the humidity.

 School ended, I sent all my kids off for the summer and on to 1st grade, and now I'm focusing on being pregnant and growing this baby.

Oh and my new full time job is finding us a place to live in Lubbock, Texas.
Yes, that is where we are moving for the next 4 years of our life.
Every time I talk to Brad about being sad leaving my family, friends, and community that I know so well, he says, "Well, you will just become a really good blogger!"
So prepare yourself for that!


Erica+Matson said...

Yipee! Good blogger! Haha.

Natalie said...

You went to Cancun and you're moving to Texas. AND YOU'RE HAVING A BABY! You're a grown up. It's official. Congrats.