Monday, June 25, 2012

Time to Celebrate

Brad turned 25! Holy smokes, since when did time go by so fast. I met him when he was 21! He was so cute then, and still has held up his cuteness! 

As far as I know this is the first picture of us. He came to one of my intramural basketball games a few days after us meeting. We met on a Sunday, kissed the Saturday after, the rest is history of course. 
This picture I took with my cell at work and showed him I changed my profile pic on facebook. Oh the memories and how they went by so fast.

Now look at me.

First comes love, then marriage, then baby! 
I can never go wrong on certain presents for Brad. 
He hates surprises. More than anything.
So he made me let him open this before his little party.
I can get him anything to do with the Texas Rangers, REAL SL Soccer, or Chelsea Soccer, and pretty much a win. Or I can get him anything with a Nike sign, except shoes....I got him shoes for Vday once, that ended in tears....and him refusing to give me my gift because mine sucked and his was WAY better than mine (he had spent months writing me a song). Never doin that again! In my defense... I was student teaching and working every night till 10, 11, or midnight, and sometimes working 8 hours on Saturday and even Sundays, and my brain was fried, I remember not even knowing VDay was coming, it was that bad. Day of I bought the present. Now if you know me, thats not how I roll, so I must have been out of my element.

This time I went the Rangers route.
Of course, it was a success.

I also made a little baseball themed cake. I thought it was horrible at the time, but it seemed to turn out pretty cute!

I LOVE not working. I can do things I have always wanted to do, like make cakes :)

I ran out of creativity on the Brad cake :)

It was quite the party, I was happy with all the friends and fam that showed their support.

Plus baseball was a blast!

Erica Tanner and Cohen Myers, I love this picture!!!!

I think I take for granted the beautiful green of Provo.

Happy Birthday Brad!!!

Now here is the best present :) Brad was really into tshirts with so much stuff on them and I loved how he pulled it off when we met and dated, but now he has transitioned to plain tees, and jerseys, so I said, we have 30 tshirts you never wear lets get rid of them, but we had so many memories. He wore one the first day we met, another I gave to him our first Christmas, another I gave to him when we were dating, the list goes on and I said, LETS MAKE A QUILT! He agreed to that.
I cut everything up and Chelsea (his sis) sewed it for us, then we had it quilted. Who knew a quilt could be so wonderful. I went over my price cap of birthday but it was So worth it.

This picture I told him was double chinny, but the other one I took I didn't realize it was blurry, so we get the chin chin cheerie one!

25 and on to 26!

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Love the quilt! Fun post.