Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Church and AZ

Now that I have a baby, I've gone all soft. I have this bigger heart. It's weird/good I think.
Things make me way sad/feel bad. I saw this heavier set worker at Sam's Club crying two days ago. And it broke my heart to see a random stranger sad. I am so weird I know.

But it also is good I think. I think it is put in place to make you protect your little babies. And love and nurture them.

Miles had his first time at church, he was four weeks old (this was 2 church times ago), and he wore a little outfit his aunt Tiera made him. (Landon's wife)

Brad looks great here, and we took some with me, but I'm still a little camera shy.

You know its like....I should be lookin spic and span after just having a baby.

But the truth is....I don't.
At least not to my level of spic and span.
Well these pictures aren't spic and span but I guess you can see me post baby.
Oh I mean Miles post baby!!!! This shirt made me want to squeeze his cheeks 300x. 

We went to Brad's softball game last night. Which they got a gift and won. I thought it was going to be a blow out because up the bat the other team's first two hitters both hit home runs over the fence.

But we won! So on he goes to his next playoff game.

I tried to start a volleyball team but apparently here I can only play if Brad is on my team. So Brad is joining a team and they get his wife as a package deal. (I hope)

I just seriously need something athletic to make myself look forward to something. I mean, the doctor said I can work out (lightly) so even if its not 6 weeks yet, I am going to do something by golly.

Oh I did go to Arizona to visit my sister Hannah.
You see she was going to come here, but she has 4 girls so....that wasn't gonna work out so great.
So she flew me there, and we had a jolly old time!
Here we are in the airport.

Am I sitting in a wheelchair?? Yes yes I am, I was walking like this, through SO much airport.
And this lady said, Don't carry all of that! So she got me a wheelchair to wheel everything around (that's Miles' car seat in my right hand, and my 70 pound diaper bag on the other side/shoulder). 
So when there was no seats when I got to my terminal, I sat in the wheelchair. Problem solved. 
Miles is a great flyer.

He just knows how to fly. Sleep.
You see, on the way there I had a flight from lubbock to dallas. Then Dallas to Mesa.
Not bad.
On the way back. Hell.
We got on a plane at 3 Am in Mesa. Arrived in Dallas at 5 Am.
Then I had an hour layover in Dallas. Then we had to fly to Austin. Hour layover there and a 45 minute walk through the HUGE airport. Almost missed my flight. Thought it was going to be right around the corner. And it wasn't! So my flight boarded in Dallas at 7 AM. Then I arrived in Austin at 8:30 or something, then we flew to Lubbock. Got there at 10:20 AM.
3Am-10:20 AM. Flying. With a baby. And a car seat, 70 pound diaper bag, boppy, and my sleep pillow. You see I didn't take ANY luggage to AZ. The airline I flew on doesn't let you take any carryons or it is 20bucks. But my flight from Dallas to Mesa was 70 dollars round trip, so I'm not complaining.

Next time I'm bringing Brad.


Sometimes too much.

Hazel would be patting him and kissing him then the pats turned to hits.

So we nicknamed her-baby zilla.

Miles got SO much attention.

We all were just SO wore out from the whole experience.
They were all so helpful, whenever I would ask them to go get me a diaper/blanket/wipes they would fight over who did it. One time I asked them to go get a blanket and Maddie and Halle went, Maddie got the blanket, and Halle was so mad and she was screaming!!!! Hannah ran in to break up the fight and Halle passed out in Hannah's arms from screaming and not breathing.
That would freak me out as a mom.

How can you not love her though. So cute and so touchy lovey.
Halle has to be touching somebody when she falls asleep, so Miles was her closest touch.
We went to the post office and Halle wore a sleeveless purple velvet shorts dance jumper one piece thing. We got some looks.

Molly and Halle constantly traded off holding him.

Halle one time when Miles was crying, "I think he misses Brad." 
She's 3 and so cute.

So I only took my cell phone, so I just have cell phone pics, but this is Halle and another time she said, "Miles has Brad's boobs."

Clearly she meant, he inherited Brad's nipples.

You see they only know girl things...

So a boy clearly has boobs, and he must have gotten them from his dad.

They were all very motherly.

Time for Hannah to have a boy.

Miles would never hold still for pictures.

He did a lot of sleeping.

We visited Maddie at her school for lunch.

We were ALWAYS taking turns.

The ways Miles will fall asleep. 

We went to a petting zoo.
This cow was beyond creepy.

Maddie is the dog Toby.

These goats loved the food we fed them. I don't think they cared what it was, they tried to eat the plastic cup.

Here is another weird position Miles fell asleep in, at Hannah's yard sale she did while I was there.

Here Miles looks well oiled and big lipped.

Halle and Hazel were asleep but this is right before I left.

We had a blast and can't wait to come back!

We had a fun trip, but even though Miles was a gem.....remind me to travel on planes and walk through airports with my husband next time.

Here Miles was soakin up church his 2nd Sunday at church in his life!!!

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Erica+Matson said...

He's so cute. And you look great! Can't wait to see you in December!! When you coming back?