Monday, October 8, 2012

Restrain Myself and Save

I really really have to restrain/hold back/don't want not to post about Miles.

I just wanna post about him all the day long.

I just wanna post thousands of pictures of his beautiful face.
But this post isn't about him.

It's about saving money/putting yourself out there.

One thing I have learned is that is if you are disappointed with a product, always tell them.
Don't beg for a replacement/tell them to give you coupons/a new product.
Just tell them.

I will give you two examples I had THIS week.

I bought baby announcements from .
I also bought Pampers diapers from Sam's Club.

The baby announcements came in the mail and they had cut Miles' head a little bit on some of the pictures. Really it was probably my fault because I put it too close to the edge and I should have read the fine print that they cut .25 of your edges. But I didn't read that and I didn't worry about that. I just emailed them on the customer questions/comments. I just told them it was cut and I was disappointed with the announcement and I chose their website over SEVERAL others.

Now this is where EXCELLENT customer service comes in.
I was emailed back promptly they told me to redo the announcement and they would resend it.
So I did and they did.
Now I am very satisfied with the product.
Overly satisfied. That's just what you have to do.
I could have sat and been mad about it, or for free I could say, wow you should advertise that you cut the edges better but until then I am unhappy with your product. They didn't even ask they just told me they would remake them.

Now my pampers story.
We bought 96 newborn diapers, because our cloth ones are still too big.
ON Every SINGLE diaper the right tab that you pull and stick on the diaper to hold it on the baby would stick and not fully open, therefore I would tug on it and sometimes it would even break.
So I just decided I was going to fill out a form on telling them of my misfortune. Within a few days I received an email from a real person apologizing and telling me they had mailed $40.00 in coupons for diapers to me, available to use at any store.

OK, thats customer service. And, look what you can do if you just TELL the company. Plus, its probably helping them. It helped know they need to advertise their cuts on the edges, and I gave pampers the batch number and they can fix the problem or find out how many diapers were flawed. And they have a loyal customer now.

Thank you.

Now I have had some fails in my day, so don't always expect perfection from these companies.
One time, we went to DQ in Provo.
Brad ordered a Reeses PB Cup Blizzard.
They brought a butterfinger.
He says horrible things about Butterfinger....
Don't even get him on the topic.
So I KNOW he wouldn't order he told them he didn't order it, and the manager was working and HE INSISTED thats what Brad ordered. And was very rude.
Then Brad came back and told us about it, I wasn't in the mood to fight with this guy, so Chelsea took it for herself, she took it back and told him we wanted Reeses. The manager grabbed the Butterfinger and HUCKED it in the trash. He probably spit in our new Reeses.
So I wrote DQ. I wrote them a letter.
Still haven't heard back from them, its been MONTHS.
So that was a FAIL.

Another fail was right to my face. And it made me really mad. Still haven't written the company about it though. I should.

We were at Which Wich in Provo.
I got the Turkey Avocado.  I think they put 1 teaspoon of Avocado, and I paid like $1.00 more than their already overpriced subs.
I walked up to the girl working and said, "Hey, can I get more avocado, I hardly have any on my sandwich."
She said to me, "That's how much we put on."
I said to her, "Really? Because its like nothing."
She said again, "Ya, that's how much we put."
I said, "Really, because I paid $1.00 extra."
She said, NOTHING, and just stared at me.
I said, "Wow. Great." (With enough sarcasm to knock somebody DEAD)

I'm still mad about that. It wouldn't have killed her to plop some avocado on my which wich. But that small act turned off everyone with me, they were SHOCKED. And so was I, because I showed her my sandwich and it really had nothing on it. And I have had it before and I got TONS of avocado, and one time they messed up and they gave me a free cookie, so I thought they were nice, but they are not. Or she wasn't. They need to teach their people that you please the people with simple stuff. Like avocado.
Now all the people I was with think this place is RETARDED and won't go back.

I wanted to walk up to her and say, "What's your name, so that when I call the owner he knows what an idiot you are."

(My sister knows the owner well.)

I also thought of a few more, so did Brad.
But we just walked out never to walk in again.
My advice, don't go to Which Wich in Provo, Utah.
At least until the owner fires that girl.
FAIL on my part, but it could still be a WIN if I would actually talk to the owner.

So the moral of this story. Tell the company. Take the effort and write them a letter/email and they should help you out and make you re-like your company.

I still have a few companies to write, but you take it one day at a time. Look, they are here to please you, and if you are disappointed, you wasted your money and they need to know it.

Oh and if you are a Miles fan. I snuck him on this post.


Erica+Matson said...

Gotta love good customer service. Same thing has happened to us a couple of times.

Cjspencer said...

hahah! I still encourage people not to go to wich which.